Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 358 - Much Better Than Everyone

Chapter 358: Much Better Than Everyone

Ye Ying raised her chin proudly and laughed shrillingly, “You’re right, I’ll call the village leader tonight and ask him to let Ye Jian take the call.”

She scoffed and said viciously, “How can she fight with me? She’s just an orphan. I can bully her however I want.”

She was able to show off her superiority if Ye Jian picked up her call. However, Ye Jian was not home. She didn’t have any channel to vent her arrogance so she had to bore with it.

On the third day of the release of the results, Ye Jian still didn’t know what her ranking was. Currently, she was being hugged by An Jiaxin and was getting punched by her too.

When she saw her friends from the same batch whom she hadn’t contacted for one year, waiting for her with ‘angry’ faces, she prepared herself to apologize to them.

“An Jiaxin, your greeting is too enthusiastic. My back has been bruised by you.”

“F**k! You should be glad that I didn’t break ties with you. You’ll be fine. My punches are nothing. Do you know how long you disappeared? Almost one year! We searched high and low for you but no one knew where you were.” An Jiaxin’s eyes turned red as she continued. “We’re so worried for you. Where did you go?”

Zhang Na squeezed in from the side. “I haven’t hugged her. After I hug you, I’ll scold you!” She glared at Ye Jian and then hugged her tightly. “Ye Jian, wait for our scolding!”

Ye Jian could hear her voice choking.

Zhang Bin, who managed to enter Provincial No.1 Middle School with a special score, stood at the back like a pillar and looked at the girls as they hugged each other. He gave an evil smile and said, “Ye Jian, shall we hug too?”

“Scram! Are you trying to take advantage of her?” An Jiaxin kicked him. “Learn from Zhou Liao. Look at how gentlemanly he is.”

Zhou Liao touched his glasses out of habit and smiled. He said slowly, “I’m not a gentleman, I’m waiting for you to finish hugging so that I can hug her.” One year in senior high had changed Zhou Liao’s personality.

“Jian, ignore them. Zhang Bin is really popular among ladies now. He is very handsome when he plays basketball.” An Jiaxin was still the same as last time. She grabbed Ye Jian’s shoulder and looked at Zhang Bin provokingly. “So what if you’re handsome? You still can’t hug Ye Jian.”

These two people still bickered with each other whenever they met.

Ye Jian looked at them and knew that their friendship didn’t change even after a year had passed. She smiled and exchanged glances with Zhang Na. They smiled at each other knowingly.

Why were they smiling? Maybe it was because of the thoughts of these young ladies and young men.

After quarreling with each other, the few of them went to the bamboo forest behind Ye Jian’s house. They sat on the bamboo chairs and talked about their senior high lives and their results while eating cold watermelon.

During the chat, Ye Jian knew that the four of them all chose Municipal No.1 Middle School as their school. Zhou Liao and Zhang Na were the top students of their class in arts and science respectively so they were able to get into the school easily.

Zhang Bin got into Provincial No.1 Middle School as a special student.

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