Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 356 - Finish The Political Commissar's Task

Chapter 356: Finish The Political Commissar’s Task

“Good good. As expected from the soldier taught by two experienced soldiers. Very good!” After putting on the military attire, she would be a soldier. She was no longer a little girl. The political commissar didn’t salute back. Ye Jian had not entered the military yet so he just went forward and tidied her clothes. He patted the creases on her shoulder and said, “Go. Your passion should be used in the military.”

“Don’t compliment me. However, I do love the military unit.” Ye Jian pulled her clothes. She looked at the political commissar and smiled. “Forget about taking care of the arrogant soldiers. I just want to have a fight with them and see how powerful they are. I want to see if they have the skills to support their arrogance.”

“Well, don’t show any mercy then. One of them is quite wealthy. He learned defense martial arts before and his body is in tip-top shape.”

All the old soldiers knew how merciless Ye Jian could be if she wanted too. Hence, when they knew that she was going to take care of those arrogant soldiers, they started laughing. They wanted to see what Ye Jian was going to do to those arrogant soldiers.

The first soldier was someone who had studied for two years in university. He was too rebellious so his family used their connections and power to send him to the military. Ye Jian didn’t fight with him first. She stood in front of the proud-looking soldier and smiled. “Oh, so you’re the soldier that came from a big city and speaks good English. Let’s recite some English phrases we know. I just graduated from junior high so don’t be stressed.”

Ye Jian was good at reciting. The soldier was forced to stand under the hot sun until he got a heat stroke. The next day, she pulled the arrogant soldier out again and forced him to stay under the hot sun again. She gave him a pen. She didn’t do anything for the whole afternoon but the other party got so nervous he got a heat stroke again.

From then onwards, he never dared to feel proud of his English or the fact that he went to university before.

The other soldier who learned some martial arts before was much easier to handle. Ye Jian loved fighting. Within a few minutes, the other man was badly bruised by her. “Recruit, remember that your squad leader participated in two large scale military exercises and flood relief. He saved many civilians before. What have you achieved?”

Ye Jian was a woman and a student. Hence, the other soldier felt embarrassed and humiliated.

One arrogant soldier a day. Within a few days, Ye Jian managed to complete the task the political commissar assigned her.

Without help from Grandpa Gen and Principal Chen, Ye Jian managed to use her own effort to gain a position for herself among the recruits. She managed to gain their respect. Gaining approval from the crowd and interacting with male soldiers were not something her elders could teach her. She needed to learn it herself.

She had already become buddies with the recruits. The political commissar called Grandpa Gen.

Grandpa Gen came back after leaving the village for half a year. He chatted with the villagers that came to visit him. He didn’t want to interfere with what Ye Jian was doing in the military unit so he waited for the political commissar’s call. After receiving it, he felt at ease.

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