Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 32 - Ye Ying’s Malevolence

Chapter 32: Ye Ying’s Malevolence

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Sun Dongqing could tell her daughter’s panic from her voice. Staring at Ye Ying with her gloomy eyes, she threatened in a low voice, “Unless you want to get kicked out from the school! Otherwise…”

Although Principal Chen did not know Ye Ying very well, he had learned to observe people by looking at their eyes upon meeting face to face.

After examining Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying silently for a while, he smiled and pointed at the love letter handed in by Zhang Bin. He said in a moderate speed, “Ye Ying, I suppose you can recognize this love letter.”

“I do,” said Ye Ying nervously with her head down and hands clasped. There was a bit of trembling in her voice. “I wrote this on behalf of Ye Jian. Principal, I am the one who should be punished, because I didn’t talk my sister out of doing it. Please don’t punish her. Just punish me.”

Principal Chen closed his eyes gently. He had to admit that he was rather disappointed with this academically outstanding student.

His voice became dull when he spoke again, “Oh. Tell me why she asked you to write the love letter instead of writing it herself.”

“Ha. Let me tell you why Principal Chen. My niece’s handwriting is ugly as hell, so it’s difficult for her to compose a legible love letter!” Sun Dongqing was glad that her daughter had regained her composure.

Since her daughter had denied writing the letter, she’d doubted that the school would force Ye Ying to admit it.

Under Principal Chen’s watch, Ye Ying pursed her lips and nodded slowly without saying a word. She agreed with her mom.

Impatiently, Sun Dongqing stood up for her daughter and tried to reaffirm Ye Ying’s words. “Principal, my daughter never lies. She is a kid with integrity. You can tell that from her scores. She is the Merit Student every year!”

Mrs. Ke turned around and rubbed her temples. Even Ye Ying knew how to improvise. Who would have thought her mom was less mature than a teenager?!

“Academically speaking, she is outstanding. As for her character…” Principal Chen paused. The rays shooting from his eyes became increasingly sharp. “Ye Jian, you ask them! I wonder if anyone will dare to mistreat you in my presence!”

It meant that Principal Chen was supporting Ye Jian wholeheartedly.

Heart racing, Ye Ying had the impulse to escape from the office. Under the grave atmosphere, she clenched her fists tightly while brainstorming to come up with a strategy.

Now that Principal Chen was on Ye Jian’s side, she could not follow her mom’s instructions!

Moments later, she turned around suddenly and looked at Sun Dongqing in confusion, “Mom, you and dad are not here for only one love letter, are you?”

“Yes, I wrote it for Ye Jian. But it is totally normal. Nowadays, girls like writing love letters in private. Don’t make a fuss like you always have.”

Ye Jian had always known that Ye Ying was a very cunning woman. But what Ye Ying was doing right now was beyond her imagination. At such a young age, Ye Ying could destroy her mother’s reputation for her own sake.

Like father, like daughter. She was indeed Ye Zhifan’s child.

Sun Dongqing was bewildered because she had not realized what her daughter was doing. But Ye Zhifan stood up excitedly, “Sun Dongqing, can you stop causing trouble for me and our daughter?!”

“It’s nothing more than a private love letter from a little girl! Why do you have to spread it around to everyone? You also made me think that our niece had seduced her teacher!”

Ye Ying covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Seducing teacher? Mom! What are you talking about?!”

Her tiny face seemed so astonished that she was about to collapse. Ye Ying turned around and grabbed Ye Jian by the hand and explained, “Sister, ignore my mom. You know how she is. She likes making a fuss.”

See? This was Ye Ying. She always had a way to keep herself out of trouble.

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