Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 31 - Relying on Myself Only

Chapter 31: Relying on Myself Only

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Ye Ying had no idea what was going on in the principal’s office. The bell of the evening study session rang as she returned to school from the public health center in town, supporting He Jiamin with her hand.

The classroom of Class Two Grade Eight was located on the third floor. The moment they appeared at the classroom door, every student quieted down in an instant and stared at Ye Ying.

A few girls who were not on very good terms with Ye Ying started to giggle, filling the classroom with whispers again.

Tan Wei ran from her seat and grabbed Ye Ying by her hand. Mrs. Ke had not come back from the office. She must inform Ye Ying of the current situation. She said, “Yingying, let’s talk outside.”

Ye Ying couldn’t help but frown. Lips pursed, she asked, “What happened?”

Everyone was looking at her in a weird way.

“Bad things happened!” Tan Wei said in a low voice anxiously, “Somehow, Zhang Bin found that love letter, and he has just been called to the principal’s office. Hurry up and go check it out.”

Love letter? Love letter?!

Ye Ying was shocked for only one second. As she came to herself, her face turned pale, her watery eyes glared with fury, and her body trembled without control.

Likewise, her mother Sun Dongqing was shaking all over due to anger in the principal’s office. She would have torn Zhang Bin—who handed in the love letter—into pieces if her husband had not held her back tightly.

“Auntie, I’m just stating the facts. Why are you glaring at me? This love letter was written by Ye Ying and it has nothing to do with Ye Jian. How can you wrong Ye Jian?” Zhang Bin was not intimidated by Sun Dongqing’s glare. He had been waiting for this day after Ye Jian told him what happened to her.

No wonder Ye Jian had such a miserable life in school. It was Ye Ying and her family who had been pulling the strings! Zhang Bin was confident because he was simply stating the facts! And he was not afraid of Sun Dongqing who would swear at him!

Stung by Zhang Bin’s words, Sun Dongqing experienced a heartache. Since she could not criticize Zhang Bin, she stared at Ye Jian and cursed her, “What have we ever done to you to make you treat your sister this way? You are ruining her future!”

“Turns out you know that such a scandal is damaging. So do I!” Ye Jian sneered. It seemed that her glamorous facial features had been blanketed by ice and frost. And her pitch-black eyes were cold, without any emotion in them. “Aunt, if you dare ruin my future, I will do anything to protect myself. I don’t care if you are my mother’s sister or not!”

Hatred was vaguely showing in her calm and cool eyes. It was impossible to separate that kind of hatred from her eyes.

“What? What? What are you…” Sun Dongqing yelled increasingly louder. But as she looked Ye Jian in the eye, her heart sank abruptly. It seemed like she was unable to say those brutal words to her at that moment.

Principal Chen had realized what was going on. Even an irritated rabbit would bite people. Obviously, Ye Jian was striking back at her attackers.

As he observed that Ye Zhifan’s face had turned gray, Principal Chen said in a deep voice, “Zhang Bin, go back to your classroom and ask Ye Ying to come to my office.” It’s time to hear the explanation from Ye Ying.

He hoped that Ye Ying’s character was as outstanding as her academic performance.

Hearing this, Mrs. Ke felt bitter in her mouth and weak in her feet. The principal did not give her a chance to leave the office.

Outside the office, Ye Ying was taking a deep breath and about to knock when the door opened abruptly. She coughed repeatedly out of fear.

As soon as Zhang Bin laid eyes on Ye Ying, he opened the door completely and strode away.

Hearing her daughter’s voice, Sun Dongqing dashed out and hugged Ye Ying. She cried, “Yingying, my child, I’m sorry that you have been mistreated…” It seemed like she was in tears, but she lowered her voice and said quickly, “Just blame everything on Ye Jian. Do not admit you have written the love letter! Relax, mom and dad have got your back!”

“What if…” Ye Ying was really scared. She had indeed written the love letter. How could she blame it on Ye Jian?

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