Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 33 - She Was Provoked

Chapter 33: She Was Provoked

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Of course, Ye Jian did not believe that she could defeat Ye Ying just by this one incident. Her goal was quite simple. She was trying to wipe away this incident that had ruined her previous life!

Gradually, Sun Dongqing understood her daughter’s intention. Back at home, she was the boss.

But in front of others, she either listened to her husband or her daughter’s orders.

She rolled her eyes and screamed, “What? How? Alas, I feel so humiliated! I was just thinking that I could not allow my niece to go astray. I don’t know why I misunderstood her.”

“Alas, I feel so ashamed that I just want to hide!”

Ye Ying felt relieved that her mother had understood her intention so quickly. She grabbed Ye Jian by the hand and apologized repeatedly. “Sister, don’t get mad at me. It’s my fault for not keeping your letter properly. My mom saw it and she misunderstood you. I will apologize to you on her behalf. Can you please forgive us?”

“Sister, you are very kind-hearted, you will forgive us, right?”

Looking at Ye Ying who was about to cry due to anxiety, Ye Jian withdrew her arm. With a gentle smile, she said slowly, “Look at you. You are doing it again. Every time, you force me to forgive you. And if I don’t, you make me look like a villain who has committed unpardonable crimes.”

“Ye Ying, don’t take advantage of my kindness and use it against me. Didn’t you say that I seduced my teacher? Do you dare to say that again to your mom in front of Principal Chen? Do you?”

Damn it, thought Ye Ying, she is forcing me to admit that she had never seduced our teacher.

“Impossible! No way had I said something like that!” Ye Ying shook her head. Tears were dropping from her eyes, and her tiny face was red. It seemed that she was truly concerned about Ye Jian. “This is absolutely impossible! You would never seduce teachers!”

And then, she said to Sun Dongqing, “Mom, I will never forgive you if you make a fuss about it! Stop that nonsense! Sister would never do something like that!”

Principal Chen’s face turned gloomy as he witnessed this episode.

How brutal this family was! They were bullying an orphan.

“Ye Jian, come this way.” Principal Chen waved at Ye Jian and took out a pen from his chest. “Write down some characters. I wonder if your handwriting is really so bad that you can’t even write a love letter, and that you have to ask Ye Ying to write it for you.”

Ye Ying froze for a moment as her name was mentioned. Why did the principal want the wicked girl to write?!

The principal wanted to prove her handwriting, didn’t he? Ye Ying gave Ye Jian a shove and said gloatingly, “Sister, don’t panic, just write. I know that you are innocent! I am so pissed off that my mother misunderstood you!”

“I’m not panicked. I’m just afraid that you will be embarrassed after I write down the characters,” said Ye Jian with a cold smile. She felt so pleasant as she saw Ye Ying’s frozen face.

She took over the pen and wrote down a string of characters smoothly on the blank paper.

When Ye Jian finished writing, she handed the paper to Principal Chen and smiled. “See it for yourself. Do I need Ye Ying to write my love letter? Honestly, I look down on her handwriting.”

Ye Ying’s frozen face turned pale and she gritted her teeth.

“Deputy town mayor, look. As a knowledgeable person, you can distinguish the quality of this handwriting in one glance,” Principal Chen passed the paper to Ye Zhifan, “Ye Ying needs to learn more from Ye Jian.”

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