Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 299 - What Did You Think I Would Do?

Chapter 299: What Did You Think I Would Do?

Ye Jian walked towards her, reaching out her arms to hug her lightly. Unable to communicate using Tibetan, she could only express herself by using body language.

Although having been through elementary school, Yang Jin was not familiar with Mandarin. She hugged Ye Jian lightly too while her gaze was fixed on the unfamiliar stranger. She looked at him curiously till the man smiled at her, before getting flustered and looking away.

“She hurt her back, you would need to be more gentle.” Xia Jinyuan stood behind both of them and smiled. Using Tibetan, he struck a conversation with Yang Jin. “Next, I would need to treat her wound.”

The only words Ye Jian could understand were ‘thanks’ and ‘sorry’. Just as when she was about to get Yang Jin to help her, the passionate Tibetan lady chanted a string of scriptures and held her prayer wheel before leaving the tent swiftly, like a butterfly.

Upon seeing Yang Jin leave, Ye Jian frowned slightly. “I hurt my back. Captain Xia, it’s not appropriate for you to stay.”

How vigilant. It was not as if he would do anything.

“One hurt little fox, what are you afraid of that I would do?” Xia Jinyuan picked up the sniper rifle that was beside him and without mentioning her injury, asked Ye Jian, “Where do you place this after unloading this? Pass me the bag.”

Ye Jian was even more uncomfortable when he did not mention about her injury. “I will do it myself. Can you leave the tent first? I want to treat the wound myself and take a look at the situation.”

“Weren’t you all tough back at the mountains? Why are you in a hurry to treat your wound now?” He sat on the sheep rag on the floor, before stripping the sniper rifle. When he looked up, Ye Jian was still standing at the same spot. He could not hold it in and joked, “What’s wrong? Did I make you angry?”

His face was filled with confusion, he could not understand what Ye Jian wanted to do.

What did she want? Ye Jian did not have the answer herself. But with Xia Jinyuan sitting there, that was not good! She could not undress!

She clearly declared that she would treat her wound herself. How could he not understand that?

Saying anything else would show that she was overthinking. Ye Jian was dejected, “Captain Xia, stop trying to be muddle-headed. I made myself clear, I would like you to leave, because…”

She was embarrassed, but she still managed to utter the words clearly. “Because I have to undress, how could you let a teenage girl undress in front of an adult male like yourself?”

Xia Jinyuan responded with a burst of hearty laughter. “First off, I got Yang Jin to invite someone over. Secondly, your wound is on your back, treating it yourself would be inconvenient. Third…”

He scanned Ye Jian from head to toe, before establishing eye contact with her again gentlemanly. “I still know where my manners are.”

The sorrow in her eyes had vanished. She was back to being a strong girl, full of vigor. In the past, the little girl would inadvertently show hostility to anyone of the opposite sex and a dark side that could not be easily detected.

This time, her eyes were clear and the negativity, the darkness that dwelled in her eyes were gone.

It was not that they were buried deeper, they were truly gone.

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