Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 298 - You Are A Special Exception

Chapter 298: You Are A Special Exception

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“But you are a special exception, I can’t treat you equally.” Xia Jinyuan smiled. His gorgeous features resembled the bright moon – clean and neat. If the conversation went on, he would be completely rejected. The topic has to be stopped. After changing his mind, the topic was naturally changed. “The day when you don the uniform, I will treat you equally.”

Ye Jian heaved a sigh of relief, she was afraid he would say something else that would embarrass her.

One was a talented hunter and the other was a sly fox. It was meant to be a match between equals.

The sounds of someone weeping could be heard from the tent. It was Dema’s wife who had discovered that her husband was dead.

Ye Jian stopped in her tracks. Her gaze was filled with sadness as she looked at the tent. The sound of someone weeping brought her back to the past. Her mom cried like this, hugging her when her dad was killed in an accident.

Not long after, the gentle and beautiful mother no longer returned with laughter. She was covered by a flag and in an urn before returning to the village.

Back then, even though she could remember things, she did not understand what sacrifice meant.

It was until at Ye Zhifan’s home when she got beaten up with a stick by Sun Dongqing for snatching Ye Ying’s egg that she finally understood that she had become an orphan.

In her past life, she was afraid as she knew it too early. That was why she was cowardly when facing Ye Ying.

“Don’t look down on these Tibetans, they are a courageous bunch of people. Without Dema around, his wife will still be able to support the family.” Her sorrow made Xia Jinyuan softly rub her head. “Everything will be fine. There are no hurdles in the world that cannot be overcome.”

“You were able to walk this far, leaving Ye Zhifan and his family, overcoming all these obstacles and living your own wonderful life. Being a mother, Dema’s wife will be able to stay strong for the sake of her children.”

Ye Jian nodded and kept quiet, silently returning to Uncle Cizha’s tent.

The Little Fox was afraid because she thought of her life experiences, and hence her sorrow. Xia Jinyuan was supposed to settle the team’s follow-up matters after sending Ye Jian back to her tent. However, he changed his mind and decided to stay and accompany her.

She turned around and did not notice Xia Jinyuan’s eyes that were full of heartache and distress because of her sorrow.

Looking at the tent in front and the herdsmen outside it, Xia Jinyuan pressed down on his earpiece and told the team members who were doing the cleanup, “Ye Jian is injured. I will accompany her for a while. Do a good job for the follow-up matters. After cleaning up, accompany the herdsmen to where the rocks are and bring back Dema’s remains back to the village.”

“If there is anything we can do to help, help Dema’s family to the best of your abilities.”

G3 was cleaning up the bodies of seven mercenaries. From inventory to taking photos of their identification documents, they all needed to be careful. Hearing that, they responded, “Let us settle the rest of the matters, take good care of Ye Jian.”

After all, it was rare to meet a girl who could fight alongside these male soldiers. Furthermore, she was just a student.

Ye Jian walked into the tent. There were no adults there, only Yang Jin was there, sitting alone in front of a melted butter lamp. There was an unsheathed broadsword on the table, along with a trident.

Seeing Ye Jian enter the tent, Yang Jin immediately rose and moved towards her. “Are you okay? I’m worried about you.” Soon after, she saw a foreign man who tagged along behind her, causing her to stop in her tracks.

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