Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 297 - Accompany Her All The Way

Chapter 297: Accompany Her All The Way

Ye Jian felt that she was unable to keep up with his pace. She took a step back and said, “Yes. I want to walk alone. If I’m able to walk, I hope to walk through the rest of the journey myself. I only want to walk. No matter how difficult it is, I will stand firm to this decision.”

The wound was quite bad. This step made her back hurt again.

She was prepared this time so she didn’t show it on her face. Instead, she took a few more steps and walked past him. She distanced herself from him.

The smell of blood on her body exposed the seriousness of her wound. Xia Jinyuan retracted his smile. His gaze turned dark.

He turned and looked at the stubborn back view. He sighed softly.

Walking alone is tiring. Stupid Little Fox. Why haven’t you thought about relying on other people? If you continue to do this, you’ll only make things hard for yourself.

Xia Jinyuan felt his heart hurt slightly. He chased after Ye Jian. Since she made the third choice, he would create his fourth option.

If she wanted to walk alone, he would accompany her all the way.

From her walking posture, she must have hurt her back. He couldn’t hug or carry her on his back so he could only help her take her gun.

He caught up with her. His helplessness got dissipated by his smile. “Come, pass me the gun. We’ll be able to reach if we walk slowly.”

He gave her dignity and respect.

Ye Jian didn’t reject him this time. If she did, she would appear unreasonable. She passed the gun over and smiled. “Helping each other out on the battlefield. We are comrades. Thank you.”

“Based on current circumstances, our relationship shouldn’t be comrades.” Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows when he took the slightly heavy gun. He teased her, “There are no underaged soldiers like you in the army.”

Ye Jian narrowed her eyes as she looked at him. “Didn’t you say that we were comrades? Why did you change your mind?”

“It seems like you don’t understand what comrades are. Just now, I gave you two choices. If it was Han Zheng, he won’t have a second choice.” Xia Jinyuan was good at educating and brainwashing people. Hence, he started explaining what comrades were to Ye Jian. “You were hurt. It’s only right for me to help you. This is a form of expression between comrades.”

“But, you rejected me without any hesitation. Little Fox, you were the one who rejected our camaraderie first.”

He needed to let her trust him. He needed to let her know that it was not a difficult thing to hold his hand.

If she was tired, she could rely on him.

Ye Jian could be fooled by him if she was really a 15 years old lady. However, she wasn’t.

She maintained her composure and replied, “Leader Xia, after one year, your brainwashing skill has improved vastly. Besides helping each other, comrades should encourage each other too. They should encourage each other to face obstacles and overcome them.”

“If Han Zheng was injured, you won’t give him a second choice. That’s because you knew that he could bear with it.”

That was why he called her a Little Fox! She looked young but she understood what comrades were. Did she analyze this question before?

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