Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 296 - The Soft Heart Of A Tough Guy

Chapter 296: The Soft Heart Of A Tough Guy

The gasp of pain sounded extremely clear in the quiet night. Xia Jinyuan immediately retracted his smile when he saw this and hurried over.

“Sit down. Where are you hurt?” He grabbed Ye Jian’s shoulder instantly. Under the light of his helmet, Ye Jian’s beautiful face and his handsome face could be seen.

Ye Jian didn’t have a chance to reject him. He had already held her and asked her to sit on a rock.

In the middle of the night, the rock was extremely cold. The temperature in August had gone below 0 degrees Celcius at night. That was why blood could turn into ice the moment it spurted out.

Very soon, Xia Jinyuan realized that sitting on the stone directly was cold. It was not suitable for Ye Jian to stay outside in the cold wind and let him inspect her wound. Xia Jinyuan smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry. I’m used to being rough in the army so… Erm, I don’t really know how to take care of ladies. Please forgive me.”

This was definitely the truth.

Just liked what Han Zheng said, Xia Jinyuan came from a wealthy family and was a humorous person. However, he never liked anyone before. Hence, he didn’t know how to take care of the ladies.

Ye Jian didn’t want him to take care of her. The moment he lifted his hands, she stood up. “It’s not a huge problem. I might have scraped myself somewhere. Aren’t you going to clean up with them? Your comrades are all being busy below.”

“You haven’t gone back yet. How can I feel at ease?” Xia Jinyuan smiled when she rejected him. “Come. Do you prefer me to hug you over or carry you on my back? There is no third choice.”

Ye Jian: “…” Why did he always act so shamelessly in front of her? She grabbed her sniper rifle tightly and turned her head away. “There’s no need. I’ll go back myself.”

What a headache. She wasn’t a 15 years old lady but in front of Xia Jinyuan, she couldn’t do anything.

She couldn’t treat him coldly like how she treated Ye Zhifan and his family. She couldn’t be too enthusiastic too. She just wanted to maintain a normal friendship with him. Yet, he always tried to cross the boundary!

Ye Jian never had any experience in dealing with matters of the heart. No matter how smart she was, she really didn’t know what to do with the shameless Major Xia.

“That’s impossible. You gasped in pain after taking a single step just now. The village is a few hundred meters away. You will hurt once every time you take a step.” He smiled at the little girl who was trying to reject him. His gaze was gentle but he was slightly oppressive too. This amount of oppressiveness was just enough so that Ye Jian wouldn’t be offended by him. “Little Fox, you only have two choices.”

Ye Jian looked at him intently. He didn’t take off his helmet after the battle just now. The light shone on her and at the same time, shone on his elegant and handsome features.

The contour of his face was perfect. His eyes were dark… There was gentleness and love in it. Xia Jinyuan managed to portray the gentleness of a tough man perfectly.

She lowered her gaze and gave a helpless smile. “Leader Xia, I’ll take the third option.”

“But I don’t have a third option.” Xia Jinyuan maintained his smile. It was elegant and confident but dangerous too. Just as Ye Jian thought that he was going to insist on his two choices, Xia Jinyuan said unexpectedly, “However, I respect females. Fine, why not tell me what your third option is?”

“Oh, you don’t have to say it. You want to walk back alone, right?”

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