Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 295 - Unresistable Charisma

Chapter 295: Unresistable Charisma

In 0.03 seconds, the brain of the target who was hiding got blasted by the bullet. After the bullet passed through his head, it passed through the tent and landed somewhere outside.

Her target was tilting his body so Ye Jian chose the most brutal method to make sure that she hit her target.

When the gunshot sounded, Han Zheng stopped in his tracks.

He thought about something and looked at the high grounds. He used his hand to form an ‘OK’ sign and pointed in front. He was asking Ye Jian to shoot her second target.

The gunshot from the sniper rifle didn’t seem abrupt among all the other gunshots. Han Zheng told his comrades Ye Jian’s position through his earpiece. “Successfully sniped the main target. There is still a small fish left. Lure him outside. Ye Jian is on the high grounds. She is able to kill him at any time.”

The death of the leader of the mercenaries was a piece of good news to the Xueyu unit. Xia Jinyuan moved his earpiece and said, “Z7, report the location of Ye Jian.”

After Han Zheng told everyone Ye Jian’s position, Ye Jian saw Han Zheng signaling at her through her scope. “There is a target at the 10 o’clock direction. Request to snipe.”

Ye Jian positioned her sniper rifle at the 10 o’clock direction. Very soon, she saw a black shadow moving slowly among the rocks.

Ye Jian smiled. She aimed her rifle at the figure. As her target moved, the 7.62mm bullet shot out of her rifle and moved towards her target who was 300 meters away.

The maximum sniping distance of her sniper rifle was 800 meters. Ye Jian calculated the wind speed and pulled the trigger of her rifle. She hit the back of her target.

Target sniped.

The gunshots stopped. The lights in the tents started to light up slowly.

It was very quiet. It felt as though the herdsmen just woke up. There were no screams or cries of terror. These people were extremely calm in the face of a gunfight.

When Ye Jian carried her sniper rifle down, she saw a black figure standing quietly among the rocks. The towering mountains laid out behind him. He stood silently like a mountain too, magnificent and dominating.

His presence made people feel relieved. He gave people a sense of security.

The Xia Jinyuan now was much more charismatic than the one a year ago.

Against enemies, he was smart and composed. No matter what dangers lie ahead, anyone would be willing to fight alongside him without any hesitation.

He only kept moving on without looking back. With him around, you could persevere on together regardless of the challenges.

That was Xia Jinyuan’s unique charm.

“Little Fox, are you admiring the scenery? Or are you waiting for me to walk over?” Ye Jian stood still at a spot not too far away. Xia Jinyuan laughed. His eyes lit up like the stars in the night sky. The happiness formed ripples in his eyes. They were gentle. “From the looks of it, you are waiting for me to walk over and a passionate hug from me.”

He could switch between his work and personal life easily.

Upon hearing that, Ye Jian immediately jumped over a rock. That unexpectedly caused a pain in her back. It felt as though her back was ruptured.

Under normal circumstances, Ye Jian had a high tolerance for pain. However, the sudden surge of pain came without warning. She could not help but take a breath of cold air. It seemed serious, especially the side of her waist… It was like her flesh was ripped apart.

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