Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 294 - Righteous Cause

Chapter 294: Righteous Cause

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After the gunshot, the silver wire started loosening. The blood stained the snow and it landed on her face.

As the mercenary fell on the ground, Ye Jian’s first solo combat ended.

The smell of blood got stronger. Ye Jian closed her eyes gently and took a deep breath.

After she relaxed, she felt the burning pain on her back. When she slammed on the ground just now, her back slid on the sharp rocks. She must have hurt her back.

She kept breathing heavily. It seemed as though she wanted to release all the smell of blood in her lungs.

“This is nothing. You chose this path. This is something you have to go through,” She muttered to herself lightly. She controlled her breathe and kept her silver wire. The mountain had regained its peacefulness.

This is an experience I have to go through! You are on the good side. They are the evil guys.

Just like what Xia Jinyuan said, soldiers were the last line of defense of the country. They must fight for their citizens. This was righteousness.

In front, the sun of gunshots got more intense. Ye Jian rushed to Uncle Cizha’s tent. The sound of bullets seemed so close to her. She shouted for Yang Jin and only entered the tent after hearing a reply.


Yang Jin recognized this voice. It was the Han lady who lived with them temporarily. She came out of her hiding spot and said quickly, “It’s dangerous outside. Where are you going?”

Ye Jian couldn’t only understand ‘Where are you going”.

“Be careful! Hide well. I’m going out.” Ye Jian used all the basic Tibetan dialect she knew and reminded Yang Jin to hide properly. She took the sniper rifles left in the tent and went to the high grounds.

She positioned her rifle and leaned towards the night-vision scope. She adjusted the distance and started searching for her target.

A man in Tibetan costume entered her vision. She zoomed in and slowly aimed at this person. As the man retreated, she saw him holding his waist occasionally.

Xia Jinyuan said that a high-position mercenary was injured. This man didn’t enter any tents to hide but instead, was looking for a hiding position outside. From his actions, he seemed suspicious.

However, she couldn’t just kill him because of her personal thoughts. Hence, she didn’t shoot instantly. She turned off her laser and continued aiming at the man.

The herdsmen were all bold people. No matter how furious the gunshots were outside, no one came out of their tent frantically.

The herdsmen in this area trusted soldiers. To them, these soldiers who guarded the borders were their guardian angels.

They would give them numerous khatas1 every year to show the soldiers their respect and enthusiasm.

Because of this trust, they chose to stay in their tents and wait for the gunshots to stop.

Why did a soldier choose to fight? They did it for their country and the people.

Every bullet they shot was a sign of their courage. They were heroes who fought without the fear of death.

Ye Jian didn’t wear any military uniforms but she already positioned herself as a soldier. When she saw Han Zheng holding his gun and running towards the direction where the man in Tibetan costume was hiding, she didn’t hesitate any more and pulled the trigger. A flash could be seen. The bullet shot out of the nozzle.

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