Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 293 - Lone Combat, Ye Jian

Chapter 293: Lone Combat, Ye Jian

There was a vicious look on his elegant face. He took out the dagger from his opponent’s throat. Blood spattered in the snow. They formed small blossoms in the snowy sky before landing on the ground.

Blood spurted on his face too. When the wind blew, it turned into a frozen block and stuck on his face. After killing one mercenary, Xia Jinyuan rushed towards Ye Jian without even wiping the blood off his face.

However, Ye Jian shouted, “Go and help Uncle Chen!”

Based on her skills, Ye Jian knew that she was able to defeat this mercenary.

At the same time, she saw how brutal Xia Jinyuan’s fight with his opponent was.

She was extremely worried about the mercenaries that were left in the tent. She was afraid that they would be hard to deal with too.

Uncle Chen’s shoulder and knees were in pain. He was not their match.

“Hurry up and go! Don’t let me worry!” Ye Jian’s refreshing voice pierced through the snow like an icy sword and stabbed right into his ears.

Her eyes were cold. Even her gaze was malicious and vicious just like Xia Jinyuan’s.

However, she was calm. In front of death, she acted like a professional soldier. She was not afraid!

“Little Fox, remember that you are a soldier. You should know your mission and responsibilities. Under no circumstances should you panic. Do you know what soldiers are? They are the last line of defense of a country as well as the frontline!” He didn’t move towards Ye Jian anymore. However, his words floated in the snowy sky and landed in Ye Jian’s ears clearly.

After he finished speaking, he turned and left without hesitation.

Xia Jinyuan knew that his Little Fox was like a wolf who had left the pack. She was using actions to prove that she was fine.

He just wanted to tell her that even if she killed someone personally, she did it because she was a soldier. She was the line of defense of the country. She shouldn’t feel burdened when killing someone.

Xia Jinyuan still remembered the bewilderment Ye Jian experienced when she killed people for the first time in Australia.

There was no one accompanying her this time. Even if something happened, no one would be able to help her. This was her first time and something she had to experience. The moment Xia Jinyuan left, Ye Jian calmed down and started attacking viciously.

She was fighting for her country. Even if her hands were tainted with blood, she should be honored!

She kept the military dagger in her hand and felt for her wrist. The silver wire that she had been hiding appeared in her hand.

This was the start of Ye Jian’s retaliation. She was going to use her own ability to kill this mercenary.

The moment the silver wire went around her opponent’s neck, Ye Jian stepped on a 20cm tall stone and jumped into the air. She leaped over her opponent’s head and tightened the silver wire around his neck.

One side of the wire was on her wrist. No matter how much her opponent struggled or tried to stab her with his dagger… As her opponent shouted, Ye Jian heard gunshots from afar. The battle had started.

She pushed her military dagger into the body of the mercenary. The mercenary screamed even louder and struggled furiously. Ye Jian was thrown unto the sharp stone pavement at the side.

The silver wire on her wrist showed no signs of loosening. She didn’t choose to get up immediately. Instead, she lifted her leg and took out the handgun. Along with the sound of gunshots from the front, Ye Jian fired her first shot from the handgun.

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