Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 292 - He Watched Her As She Grew Up

Chapter 292: He Watched Her As She Grew Up

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To match Ye Jian’s speed, Xia Jinyuan slowed down a little. A lengthy figure and a lean figure appeared behind the two mercenaries simultaneously.

Ye Jian had a killing intent in her eyes. If Xia Jinyuan were chasing these people, they must have down something unforgivable. Also, they killed a herdsman.

The wind howled. It sounded as though it was creating an atmosphere for the battle that was going to happen soon.

Every single fight was a life-or-death situation. No matter what the situation was, it was important to keep calm. In close combat, the other party wouldn’t have time to fire their guns. However, you wouldn’t have time to shoot too. Hence, maintaining one’s composure was essential.

“Damn it, it’s a soldier!” One of the mercenaries cursed in a language Ye Jian didn’t know. He raised his fist and aimed it at Ye Jian. Soon, he found out that the person fighting with him was a little girl. The man laughed loudly.

Underestimating your opponent was lethal on the battlefield. However, when the mercenary saw Ye Jian, he already looked down on her.

This was a good thing for Ye Jian.

She pretended to be weaker too. Ye Jian always remembered to use her advantage well.

The difference in ability was apparent but it wasn’t because Ye Jian was weaker than her opponent.

From the start of the fight, she could tell that her opponent never underwent any professional training.

Also, if they were sent out to bury the Tibetan Mastiffs, it showed their position in the team.

There was a disparity in position for mercenaries.

The military dagger in his hand slashed the wind. He felt his dagger cutting into someone’s skin. This was how cruel a life-or-death fight was. You either die, or you make it out alive!

Xia Jinyuan moved agilely and quickly. After some slashes, his military dagger stabbed deeply into the leg of his opponent. His opponent screamed in pain and used his elbow to knock Xia Jinyuan’s head.

This mercenary had been professionally trained. Xia Jinyuan noticed this when he was observing the two mercenaries through his night-vision goggles. He purposely chose this mercenary and left the weaker one to Ye Jian.

When he was knocked in his head, Xia Jinyuan felt numb for a moment. He reacted instinctively and knocked his opponent’s nose with his fist.

When someone got hit in the nose, they would close their eyes naturally and their mind would be blank for a few seconds too.

Xia Jinyuan made use of these few seconds and grabbed his military dagger that was in his opponent’s leg. Despite being hit in the head, as a soldier who had undergone brutal training, he still acted fearlessly.

He took out the dagger. Warm blood spurted everywhere and tainted his gloves.

The mercenary cried out in pain. He raised his uninjured leg and kicked Xia Jinyuan’s chest. Unfortunately, his other injured leg slowed him down. He was unable to retaliate.

Xia Jinyuan didn’t retreat. He used his right elbow and took on the impact of the kick. He knew that his mission was to kill this mercenary who was making his last effort to escape.

His face turned hideous from the pain on his arm. The next second, Xia Jinyuan jumped up and stabbed his dagger into his opponent’s throat.

Under his glove, veins were popping out of his hand. He was using humongous strength as he twisted the dagger.

This was the final blow, the blow that would kill his opponent.

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