Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 300 - Don't Move Unnecessarily

Chapter 300: Don’t Move Unnecessarily

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This little fox was wild and full of vigor. It was tempting to just sit around and observe her quietly. Then, to tease her and look at her face filled with energy, just like any other girl of her age.

To be able to feel upset, to laugh, to express herself – a vibrant life.

Hasty footsteps could be heard. Someone was coming towards the tent. Xia Jinyuan stood up from the rug. “I hear footsteps. That should be the person that Yang Jin has invited over. I will be guarding the tent outside. Call for me if anything happens.”

Ye Jian felt helpless. In her past life, she was forced to develop the habit of observing others secretly, and she would carefully avoid the minefields. But Xia Jinyuan… she had never seen through him.

Xia Jinyuan walked out and immediately saw Principal Chen rushing over. When he saw him, he immediately asked, “Jian is injured? Where? Is it serious? You…” A series of questions, he must have been worried sick.

“Her back is wounded. She told me she got it during a fight when she fell on her back. I fear that it might be a bit serious. As to where… I don’t know. She’s afraid of me staying inside, like a hedgehog.” Xia Jinyuan explained, feeling resigned. “I troubled this Tibetan lady to invite a herdsman’s wife to take a look, now she would not refuse help.”

Hearing that, Principal Chen stopped. He gave a few instructions to Yang Jin and stayed outside the tent, shaking his head and chuckled. “This girl is very vigilant. When she goes into the frontlines, she wouldn’t care about the differences between men and women. However, being a little bit conscious now is still good.”

Just then, the herdsman’s wife’s exclamation could be heard. Hearing that, Xia Jinyuan immediately lifted the curtain and rushed in.

One glance was all it took to see a bloody patch on the side of the waist, with exposed flesh.

That wound made him cringe. He stepped to a surprised Ye Jian’s side and held her smooth shoulder and commanded, “Don’t move unnecessarily.” He then proceeded to inform the members. “Send me all the hemostatic, anti-inflammatory drugs and the saline solution in the first-aid kit! Quick!”

“Is it a grave injury? On to it!” The first to respond was J5. He took out his own first-aid kit and also the one that G3 gave him. “I’m heading there now!”

K7 also took out his first-aid kit, but Han Zheng advised, “You are injured too. Save some for yourself! If there’s not enough then give it to her! J5, position!”

“Alright, I’m going over now!” Han Zheng’s clear voice could be heard over the earpiece. Shortly after, J5 got hold of Han Zheng’s first-aid kit and flew to deliver them.

“Q King, come out and take it.” J5 was already outside the tent but was blocked by Principal Chen. He saluted him. “My apologies for making you worried.”

Xia Jinyuan had mentioned this before. Uncle Chen had over six years of experience in Tibet.

As a soldier himself, he could tell by one look that this retired soldier had eyes sharper than any of the members, and his hands, they were hands that were meant to wield a gun.

Stopping J5 was naturally to prevent him from rushing inside the tent. For a girl to have hurt her back, she must have undressed. If she was putting up a resistance against Captain Xia, we could guess what would have happened if a male soldier went in.

Receiving the first-aid kit, he said with a tough voice, “It’s been tough on you guys. Don’t worry, we will handle things here. Handle the matters with the herdsmen, don’t leave any disputes.”

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