Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 289 - Try My Best

Chapter 289: Try My Best

“None of us can do this. Only Ye Jian and Uncle Chen can do this.”

G3 looked up. He wanted to express his opinion but J5 placed his hand on his shoulder and shook his head slowly. He asked G3 to listen to Q King’s plan first.

In terms of operational command, Q King was much more talented than any of them.

While Xia Jinyuan was perfecting their plan to annihilate their enemies, Ye Jian had found Principal Chen in his tent. She prevented Principal Chen from lighting up the oil lamp. She said in a soft voice, “I saw Major Xia and his team. There are five of them. Something must have happened in the village. The sound of Tibetan Mastiffs disappeared. Uncle Chen… strangers have entered the village. Major Xia and his team followed the strangers here.”

“Now, they need to know the number of herdsmen as well as the number of tents in this village. I’m afraid that they might need the help of Uncle Zha. Also, they need to ensure the safety of the herdsmen. Should we inform the other herdsmen and let them prepare themselves?”

Just like what Xia Jinyuan expected, Ye Jian’s thoughtfulness perfected their plan.

Ye Jian tried her best to help them. She didn’t know who these strangers were but from Xia Jinyuan and his team’s reaction, they must be dangerous. They might even have guns.

If not, Xia Jinyuan and his team didn’t have to be so careful.

Principal Chen had completed a mission in Tibet before. Hence, he immediately understood that the strangers were hard to deal with. He pondered for a while and said, “It’s not a good thing to meet Captain Xia here. The people that came must be difficult to deal with. Girl, prepare our equipment.”

The bag which contained the sniper rifle was placed with Ye Jian’s clothing. She took the bag out. She had been trained by Grandpa Gen so she knew the different parts of a gun very well. She was able to assemble the sniper rifle in the dark.

Rifle bolt, cartridge, gun barrel, handgrip, buttstock… Within a minute, the sniper rifle was assembled. She placed the night-vision scope on the rifle and it immediately became a sniper rifle that could be used at night.

After forming the plan with his team members, Xia Jinyuan quickly came to the tent that Principal Chen was in. He made a secret signal and Principal Chen lifted the curtain up. “She is assembling guns inside. How bad is the situation? Also, I know that the wife of the herdsmen in the first tent was injured. She has difficulty moving around. It is a little troublesome.”

Someone was injured? No wonder there was anti-inflammatory powder.

Xia Jinyuan moved his eyes. He whispered, “There are seven people in total. They all have light weapons on them. There are three XM-M4A1 carbine guns, four Ingram M10 submachine guns, and seven IMI Barak handguns. Their firepower attack is at the second level.”

Xia Jinyuan didn’t hide this information from Principal Chen. If he wanted Ye Jian to help them, he needed to inform them about the situation. “Uncle Chen, may I know how many herdsmen and tents there are?”

After hearing Principal Chen’s reply, Xia Jinyuan told his comrades in a serious tone, “There are 14 tents in total and 73 herdsmen. 23 of them are children while 19 of them are elderly. It’s impossible to move them away without alerting the mercenaries.”

Mercenaries? Principal Chen’s gaze turned dark. This was even more difficult than he imagined.

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