Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 288 - I Will Pass You My Back

Chapter 288: I Will Pass You My Back

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In the face of this kind of mission, Ye Jian was not confident too.

Just now, she saw the difference between them and herself. She was subdued by them almost instantly. She didn’t have any chances of running away.

She knew what her capabilities were.

“Be careful. There are strangers in the tent. They killed the Tibetan Mastiffs but I didn’t hear any gunshots or smell the scent of blood. I suspect that they carried the Tibetan Mastiffs out and buried them somewhere.”

She was reminding him that there were still enemies left outside. Her carefulness softened Xia Jinyuan’s heart.

He didn’t ask Ye Jian to leave immediately. Instead, he signaled with his hands and both of them hid behind the Mani pile.

The moment Ye Jian squatted down, Xia Jinyuan raised his left hand and protected her. This small action made her heart beat faster.

He was ambidextrous but Ye Jian knew that his left hand was more agile. When he fought with people, his left hand was faster and stronger.

She didn’t just have the Mani pile in front of her. He was protecting her with his body too.

“Take this.” Xia Jinyuan took out a type 54 pistol from his bag. He lowered his voice and said happily, “I’ll pass my back to you, Little Fox.”

He felt that it was fine to let her observe with him. Sigh, he couldn’t help it. When he saw her eyes, he couldn’t bear to reject her.

Ye Jian raised her hand and pushed his left hand back. “I have a gun. When I came here, Principal Chen prepared a type 54 pistol for me. I also have a sniper rifle.” She paused for a moment before adding, “I have bullets too. You don’t have to worry about me.”

She couldn’t let him worry that she didn’t have ample resources when he was protecting her.

Little Fox never pretended in front of him. Xia Jinyuan smiled. He said to G3 and K7 who were close to the tent, “There are two people burying the Tibetan Mastiffs outside. What is the situation on your side?”

“Q King, the situation is bad. There are four hostages.” G3’s cold voice came from his earpiece. “You can subdue the two people outside first. Be careful.”

Ye Jian waited for him to end his conversation before leaning closer to him. She whispered, “I can go back and look for Principal Chen first. I can ask him about the details of the Tibetans, how many people are there and how many tents are here. Why not you wait for me here while I go and find him?”

Xia Jinyuan was happy to understand the situation in the village better.

Xia Jinyuan nodded slightly. Ye Jian hunched her back and moved agilely in the dark.

After Ye Jian left safely, Xia Jinyuan carried his gun and moved towards Han Zheng and the other team members.

“Ye Jian will cooperate with us and tell us the details of this village. We will change our plan now.” The few people gathered together again. They needed to have a more detailed plan to kill their enemies. At the same time, they had to ensure the safety of the herdsmen.

“They have many ammunitions on them. Once they are alerted and start fighting with us, the result will be disastrous.” In front of Ye Jian, Xia Jinyuan was gentle. In front of his enemies, he was brutal. His gaze turned sharp as he said, “Find out the situation in the tent first. Make sure that one of us gets into the tent and protects the hostages.”

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