Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 290 - Don't Worry, I'm Here

Chapter 290: Don’t Worry, I’m Here

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The danger of facing a group of mercenaries with level two firepower attack was high. Also, there were around five people in the tent and two people outside. If they don’t act quickly, the mercenaries will definitely start a gunfire battle with them once they notice their presence.

That meant that all the 79 Tibetans in the village would face life-threatening danger.

“What is your plan? If there is anything we can do to help, please tell us. I.. am quite familiar with this area. I have carried out a mission here for more than six years.”

Principal Chen’s words caused Xia Jinyuan to respect him. To carry out a mission in this depopulated zone for six years… Based on Principal Chen’s experience and credentials, his mission was during the 70s and 80s. That was the time when the borders were the messiest.

G3’s voice sounded from his earpiece. He was reporting the situation on his side. After a few seconds, Xia Jinyuan said, “Uncle Chen, the mercenaries have not taken any actions yet. They are probably resting in the tent. We have ten minutes to inform the herdsmen within 20 meters radius from the tent.”

“We don’t have silencers on our guns. Once we use them, it would alert the Tibetans. We need to inform them about this too. There is not much time left. We must inform everyone within five minutes.”

Principal Chen had no qualms about his plan. He nodded. Ye Jian had finished assembling the two sniper rifles so she came out of the tent with them. “What can I do to help? These two sniper rifles might be able to help you.”

Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but tap her forehead when he saw Ye Jian carrying the two sniper rifles out excitedly. “You…” She wasn’t afraid of danger. It made her… excited.

“You don’t know the Tibetan dialect so your mission is to come with me and kill the two mercenaries outside the tent. Next, you will stay on the high ground and shoot anyone that comes out.”

Mercenaries? Is it… Ye Jian’s eyes lit up. She replied without hesitation, “They are experienced soldiers who are vicious and do anything for money. Does that mean that I can shoot anyone that comes out with a gun? Of course, I will observe carefully and not shoot any hostages.”

“Yes, besides the hostages, you can shoot anyone.” Xia Jinyuan smiled as he looked at Ye Jian. Her eyes were shining with anticipation. He took out two items from the first-aid kit and passed them to Principal Chen. “If you can light up the lamps, please do it. That way, we can see the arrangement of items inside the tent. This is some anti-inflammatory medicine and hemostatic. These are what they need now.”

After passing the medications over, Xia Jinyuan’s voice turned vicious. “We found a dead herdsman on our way here. The anti-inflammatory medicine he was carrying was taken away by the mercenaries.”

This meant that someone was injured. The mercenaries needed such medications urgently.

Principal Chen’s turned serious when he heard that one herdsman was already killed. He took over the medications and glanced at the tent. He said in a low voice, “Based on the current situation, these people will not kill the villagers for now. They will rest tonight and leave tomorrow.”

Would they kill the villagers before they leave tomorrow? No one knew. Hence, they needed to subdue them immediately.

Ye Jian pursed her lips. She frowned as she said, “Uncle Chen’s knees have been hurting these few days. I’ll go…”

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