Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 282 - Long Distance Chase

Chapter 282: Long Distance Chase

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If they went on a shortcut, they might get lost. They might also enter a dangerous rockfall zone. These were all the dangers they might face.

Han Zheng looked at the map carefully before saying, “Let’s walk the main road. It’s impossible to take a shortcut. Brothers, it’s better to be careful. I rather we hasten our speed to stop them instead of taking a shortcut.”

He memorized all the maps that the satellite sent back to them. He would compare these maps with the military maps so his directions were always accurate.

However, he wouldn’t dare to take a shortcut too. There were too many dangers at night. They had no way of guarding against them.

Combat on snowy highlands made use of light weapons most of the time. This was to lessen the burden on a human. Hence, the weapon they brought along on this tracking mission was a carbon rifle weighing less than 1.78kg without bullets. It had a carbon fiber casing and a stainless steel barrel.

G3 swung his rifle on his shoulder. His voice was hoarse. “Let’s not waste any more time. They should be preparing to run away now.” He turned and looked at K7. “Can you persist? If not, ask J5 to stay back with you. The three of us will chase after them.”

K7 was injured. His body condition was not suitable for such a long-distance chase. However, the people they were chasing this time had special identities. K7 was the best Tibetan dialect speaker among them. With him around, they wouldn’t have a problem communicating with anyone.

“Let’s go. I will rest if I need to.” K7 waved his hand. Something seemed to be burning in his eyes. They were bright and lively. “There are seven people. They injured six soldiers and killed four soldiers. There might be experts within them.”

This was why the Xueyu unit was activated. To be able to kill four sentinels and injure six of them… This was not something an ordinary person could do!

The sentinels of the country were trained carefully. They were trained to protect the borders and if a situation arose, they were trained to survive. They were not meant to be sacrificed.

20km on the highlands were much harder to walk than 20km on plainland. The road was called the main road but sharp stones could be seen everywhere. They walked hurriedly so the leather on their military boots was scratched badly. Their feet got cut too and blood oozed out of their wounds.

After walking for 5km, they saw some blank cartridge and bloodstains near the rocks at the side. Xia Jinyuan raised his hand. The other four people gathered around him and guarded their surroundings. Xia Jinyuan bent down and picked up the blank cartridge. He took off his glove and rubbed the bloodstains with his fingers.

“NATO 5.56 bullets. It’s the same as the bullets we found at the border. Someone got injured so they took the bullet out and used the nitro powder inside to stop the blood flow and reduce the inflammation. They don’t have medical equipment on them.”

He put the bullet in his hand. His gaze turned sharp and intense. He said coldly, “They are carrying an injured person. They won’t be able to walk too fast.”

“Let’s hasten our pace. K7, if you are uncomfortable, tell us.” G3 retracted his gun and aimed it downwards. He said sternly, “We have enough time to catch up with them. Z7, accompany K7.”

Xia Jinyuan and J5 nodded. Their military boots landed on the stones. Their lean and tall figures were like snow leopards. The killing intent around them was obvious.

The members of the Xueyu unit were not like the soldiers at the military depots. They had all killed people before. Hence, they all had a malicious aura around them.

K7 got injured on his calf. The threads were taken out not long ago so he shouldn’t have come along with them. However, he persevered because he wanted to kill his enemies and take revenge for the sacrificed soldiers.

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