Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 283 - We Will Meet Again

Chapter 283: We Will Meet Again

A faint smell of blood came along with the wind blowing on the snowy mountain. The five people that were chasing after their enemies turned serious.

This place was less than 10km away from the village. If there was the smell of blood here, it meant that something had either happened to the culprits or the herdsmen.

The five people felt that the latter was more possible.

“Alert! K7, bring up the rear! J5, cover us!” Xia Jinyuan’s voice came from their earpieces. He graduated from the operational command section. As compared to his other comrades, he was more experienced with operational command. In the past year, as an ace soldier, he was the leader of this small team of the Xueyu unit.

He was sensitive to danger and had professional knowledge about the operations of a battle. Hence, the military gave them other secret missions along with the missions they already had.

The people they were chasing this time are a bunch of high-class mercenaries who had evil intentions on their military construction project.

It was common for mercenaries to kill commoners. This happened in all countries.

They followed the smell of blood and saw the body of a herdsman lying among the sharp rocks. His clothes and accessories were taken away.

The anti-reconnaissance capability of mercenaries was outstanding. Besides the clothes, they also took his hat, shoes, broadsword, and fire-making steel.

“They are trying to disguise themselves as Tibetans. They must be moving toward the village.” Xia Jinyuan opened his backpack and took out some bandages. He placed it gently over the face of the herdsman. They were unable to bring him back to the village now. They have to wait until they killed all the mercenaries first.

On the other side, K7 noticed some white powder floating on the drops of blood on the floor.

He used his military dagger to scoop come up. Then, he used his hand to rub it apart. “Crystalline sulfanilamide. Check if the Tibetan has any wounds on him.”

Crystalline sulfanilamide was more commonly known as anti-inflammatory powder. It was prescribed medicine and was used to prevent wounds from getting inflamed.

Since the mercenaries used gunpowder for their wounds, this anti-inflammatory powder must be from the Tibetan.

They didn’t take long to inspect the Tibetan’s body. There were no wounds. Two minutes later, they continued moving on their journey. They saw hays by the side of the road and noticed tire tracks on the ground.

They snatched a horse carriage, killed the Tibetan, took his anti-inflammatory powder, and even threw down the hay so that they could place the injured man on it. Based on all these pieces of evidence, they guessed that the injured man must be someone with a certain position. He was someone the mercenaries could not abandon.

It was at 12 midnight. There were no signs of light in the small Tibetan village. Occasionally, they could hear the growls of the Tibetan Mastiffs. They were the ones protecting the safety of the villagers.

Ye Jian woke up due to the growls of the Tibetan Mastiffs. Because of Heiga, she was able to understand what emotions the Tibetan Mastiffs were trying to convey.

The Tibetan Mastiffs were frustrated and angry now. It meant that strangers had entered the village.

Yang Jin was sleeping soundly. Light snores could be heard. Ye Jian felt in the dark and found the Tibetan clothes Yang Jin passed to her just now. She wore her shoes and took her gun. Then, she walked silently out of the tent.

The village was not big. It was the village of herdsmen so there were tents all around. There was some distance between each tent. Ye Jian tightened her grip around her gun. She took out the dagger Yang Jin gave her too.

The sound came from the front, which was at the entrance to a village. She could faintly hear the angry shouts of a lady.

Principal Chen said that the herdsmen were united and friendly. They seldom quarreled with each other. She noticed that the person shouting sounded frightened too. Family abuse?

No, if it was family abuse, the Tibetan Mastiffs would not make such a sound.

… Wait! The Tibetan Mastiffs’ growls couldn’t be heard anymore!

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