Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 281 - Beauty Of A Male And A Female

Chapter 281: Beauty Of A Male And A Female

Ye Jian kept bathing in the sun the past few days but she naturally couldn’t get tan. Hence, her skin only turned slightly red. When she wore the traditional Tibetan costume, she looked beautiful. Yang Jin looked at her with wide eyes.

She kept repeating the same word. Principal Chen laughed loudly, “Girl, Yang Jin says that you are like the goddess that came from the immortal mountain. She says that you are very beautiful.”

How could Ye Jian not be beautiful?

Her eyebrows were thick and arched naturally while her lips were red. Her teeth were white and her face was small and dainty. Her features were exquisite. She was a natural beauty.

When she smiled, she looked like a blossoming flower, beautiful and mesmerizing.

When Ye Jian wore the traditional Tibetan costumes, she really looked more beautiful.

Her most enchanting feature was her aura. It was bright and powerful. It gave people a sense of security. However, she also had the gentleness of a lady. She had the beauty of both a male and a female.

Yang Jin smiled brightly. She pulled Ye Jian’s hand and brought her to sit on a natural wool mat. Then, she started styling Ye Jian’s hair. She even took out some traditional Tibetan headwear and put it on for her.

Ye Jian read a piece of news before which stated that the accessories worn on a Tibetan were all priceless. They had a rich history on them so their worth couldn’t be counted by money.

Hence, when she saw Yang Jin taking a beautiful agate headwear, she hurriedly pointed at a leather headwear to show that she preferred that one.

Yang Jin smiled and took the leather headwear instead.

On the other side, Principal Chen secretly gave Ye Jian a thumbs up as he drank his barley wine. She knew that it was a priceless object so she chose another headwear.

After the rain ended, the night sky turned clearer. It was as though the rain washed the sky. The stars appeared again. The people that were hiding from the rain came out from under the rocks and wiped the rainwater off their faces. They looked up at the starry sky and continued their journey.

“It will probably be difficult to find it tonight,” Xia Jinyuan said calmly. His figure stood in the night sky like a sword that just came out of its sheath. His tone was cold. “Z7, look at our position.”

Z7, Han Zheng, took out the military compass. He looked at it and calculated his position. Soon, he found their location accurately on the map.

He laid out his map and turned on the lamp on his helmet. He said in a low voice, “There is a river at the east. They will not walk that way. Our military depot is in the south. They will not choose this direction too. There is only one path left, the north. There is a small herdsmen village in the north. If I am them, I will choose to go to the village.”

“There is another 20km to the village. It will take us around 4 hours. Those people have good stamina. They will probably take around 3 hours. This is a depopulated zone. The village is the only resting place. Also, there are snow wolves around here. Be careful.”

J5 took off his military boots and poured out the water inside. He smiled. “We must enter the village before them. Z7, is there a shortcut? We need a shortcut.”

No one rejected his suggestion. However, there was a difficult problem. The shortcut on a depopulated zone was not as easy to walk as the shortcut on flatlands.

Many dangers lingered in the night. The beautiful and majestic sceneries in the day would turn into a person’s fear at night. It was the fear of death.

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