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Chapter 280 - The Survival Rules Of Wolves

Chapter 280: The Survival Rules Of Wolves

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Ye Jian almost fell asleep as the horse carriage swayed back and forth as it moved. She heard Principal Chen’s voice faintly and smiled. “I will have to understand what she is saying first. I don’t understand the Tibetian dialect at all. It will be difficult to talk to her.”

She couldn’t understand their dialect. They couldn’t understand what they were saying too.

It was not so bad when they were on the outskirts of Tibet. But, as they go deeper into Tibet, none of the Tibetans knew Mandarin. It was like a foreign language to them. Principal Chen was the only person who could converse with hem.

“We will be stopping here for around seven days. Ye Jian, remember our ‘survival rules of wolves’. As long as we work hard and are not afraid of failure, we can do anything.”

When Principal Chen came to Tibet last time, it was during the period where the borders were unsafe. The lives of the Tibetans were in a mess. That time, the first request their military unit had for them was to learn the Tibetan dialect within one month.

To a normal person, this was an impossible task. They might not even be able to learn the Tibetan language even if they lived in Tibet for one year.

However, to a soldier, there was no such thing as an impossible mission. Since they were given this order, they must complete it.

If they couldn’t complete it, they would be punished.

Principal Chen was one of the soldiers that managed to learn the Tibetan dialect in one month. Ye Jian had been in Tibet for more than 10 days. She would leave in another seven days. Principal Chen didn’t force her to learn the Tibetan language but since Ye Jian mentioned that there was a barrier in communication, it was up to her to solve it.

Survival rules of wolves. First, you must know what you need. Then, you must find out what are the requirements for you if you want to get the thing that you need.

Strong survival skills and a strong physique. These were the basic requirements before you could get what you want!

Language is a survival skill. If you realized that it brings you trouble, you need to clear the obstacles.

Ye Jian understood what Principal Chen meant. She had a teacher beside her but she didn’t think about it.

“My house is in front. We have warm milk and fragrant dried beef. We have ample lamb meat too. Don’t be polite if you want to eat anything!” The herdsman was around Principal Chen’s age. However, he looked at least 10 years older than Principal Chen. This had to do with the environment he lived in.

Principal Chen smiled and replied, “There is the strongest liquor too!”

His words ignited the passion of all the herdsmen. He was the first Han person that wanted to drink their strongest liquor.

Normally, the Han people that lived here never drank liquor. They were afraid of altitude stress.

The laughter in the horse carriage never stopped. It floated along with the wind and got carried far away.

The temperature in July was comfortable. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. But, it was the rainy season now. There would be occasional thunderstorms in the day.

The rain here came suddenly. One second ago, it might be clear and starry but the next second, heavy rain fell from the sky. The Tibetans were used to this. However, Ye Jian couldn’t get used to it even after so many days.

The ran fell on the tent. The temperature dropped quickly. Ye Jian wore a thick Tibetan costume.

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