Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 279 - Harsh Training In The Snowy Mountains

Chapter 279: Harsh Training In The Snowy Mountains

The day before Gao Yiyang left for Australia, Ye Jian received the news that her letter of notification came.

He would always remember her. But for Ye Jian, he was just her schoolmate. They were not even considered friends.

Only Ye Ying knew that Gao Yiyang came to the village. She even called him the day before he left and wanted to regain some of her reputation back. However, he continued to treat her coldly.

This time, Ye Ying finally understood that not everyone would forgive her for what she did. Even Gao Yiyang, who used to like her, wouldn’t forgive her after she put down her pride to call him.

When she hung up, she went berserk. She threw all the clothes in her wardrobe on the ground and on her bed. She no longer screamed to vent her anger. Instead, she vented it silently.

Ye Jian! Ye Jian! Every time she threw her clothes, she called Ye Jian’s name in her heart. Her clothes were like the substitute of Ye Jian. She was using them to vent her frustration.

After she regained her composure, her aura turned elegant. Ye Zhifan had been spending huge amounts of money on her to send her for various sessions of training in the provincial city. Hence, her aura became more feminine and gentle. Ye Ying was very pretty now. She gave off a refreshing vibe like a lotus flower.

While she pretended to be a pure and elegant person, Ye Jian was undergoing harsh sessions of training in the North.

Ye Jian never knew that a person’s potential was infinite. She didn’t know that after the summer vacation, she would have become as hard as steel.

From the south to the north, she traveled more than half of the country before coming to this highland. Wild horses ran around everywhere. Within 10 days, Ye Jian was so tired she felt that she had lost her soul. She was both mentally and physically tired.

She climbed onto a horse carriage and laid lazily on the thick hay. She didn’t even want to move her fingers.

Principal Chen chatted and drank happily with the herdsmen. He spoke Tibetan dialect fluently. It was as though this was his hometown.

He turned into an entirely different person after they came here. It really felt as though he lived here for his entire life.

Ye Jian couldn’t understand the Tibetian dialect. She knew that she needed to rest but her mind was extremely excited.

That was because she managed to shoot her target two seconds faster than Principal Chen today.

This was the first time she managed to act faster than Principal Chen. No matter how tired she was, she was still excited.

Tibet was beautiful in July. The sky was clear and the grass spread far into the horizon. Snow mountains could be seen afar. At night, stars lit up the night sky. Every star shone brightly. They were like diamonds in the sky.

The sky turned dark slowly. The herdsmen started singing. Their voice was loud and powerful. It echoed through the sky. Even if you couldn’t understand what they were saying, you could feel their enthusiasm towards life and their happiness.

To prevent unnecessary trouble, Ye Jian and Principal Chen would dismantle their sniper rifles after every training and put the different parts in their bag. They would carry a handgun with 12 bullets on them. None of them took any shot with their handgun throughout the entire journey.

“Girl, we can sleep in tents today.” Principal Chen was chatting so happily with the herdsmen he almost forgot about Ye Jian. He laughed and turned. “You will sleep with Cizha’s daughter, Yang Jin. She is around your age so you two can have a chat.”

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