Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 278 - That Year, Those People

Chapter 278: That Year, Those People

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Sun Dongqing waved the letter in her hand and smiled brightly. “Our Yingying’s results are stable. She managed to get into the Provincial No.1 Middle School easily.”

“Mom, stop talking about me.” Ye Ying appeared a little unhappy. She took the letter and stuffed it back into the envelope. “Grandpa Gen, my mother doesn’t speak well but she is really concerned about my sister.”

Grandpa Gen glanced at Ye Ying who thought that she acted smartly. He calmly said in his old voice, “Not bad. She got into the Municipal No.1 Middle School just like what she expected.”

“The Municipal No.1 Middle School is not bad too. It’s not as good as the Provincial No.1 Middle School but since my sister is smart, it doesn’t matter where she is studying.” Ye Ying heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. She didn’t need to study in the same school as Ye Jian anymore!

Ye Jian knew too much about her. If she said anything to her classmates in high school, she would have a hard time just like what happened in middle school.

Sun Dongqing controlled her happiness when she heard this. She pretended to care for Ye Jian and sighed. “It’s okay as long as she managed to get into a high school. The Municipal No.1 Middle School is good. She might just suffer a little when applying to universities next time. I can finally answer to my sister.”

How shameless of her to take all the credit. It’s definitely something Sun Dongqing would do.

One young man was elated when he heard that Ye Jian was in the same school as him. “That’s good. Next time, when we come back to the village together. It won’t be so scary.”

“That’s true. My poor Yingying. She has to live in the school for the entire three years in high school.” No matter what other people said, Sun Dongqing was able to bring the conversation back to her daughter while complimenting her daughter along the way.

A figure appeared at the entrance of the courtyard. The person listened to their conversation for a while. When he saw that the people inside were about to leave, he glanced at the high school materials in his hand and left without disturbing anyone.

Ye Ying turned and noticed a familiar figure flashing past the entrance. Her eyes lit up slightly. She stopped in her tracks. She wondered if she saw it wrong.

She was only stunned for a short while. After that, she ran out of the courtyard. There was no one outside. She only heard the ringing from a bicycle.

The postman smiled as he asked the young man sitting behind him, “Didn’t you say that you are looking for a classmate? Didn’t you see him?”

“Yes. He is not at home.” Gao Yiyang was an adult now. His expression was cold but his actions were polite. “Uncle, you can stop me beside the car in front. There is someone waiting to fetch me back.”

He has a private car at such a young age… The postman looked at the brand of the car. He couldn’t help but glance at it a few more times. This car… should be expensive. It’s big and long. There is even a leopard at the front. Is it a tiger? I’m not sure what it is.

Gao Yiyang was supposed to go to Australia three days later. He wanted to pass some high school notes to Ye Jian. However, when he heard Grandpa Gen saying that Ye Jian would only be back 10 days later, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to see her.

There was disappointment in his eyes as he looked out of the window. His distant expression made the driver afraid so he didn’t dare to ask him anything.

Gao Yiyang left the town with some regret. He took the plane to the capital city. He might immigrate to Australia or he might come back to China to work after his studies. However… He knew that he wouldn’t be able to see that firm and decisive girl that always gave the chance of survival to other people when she met a dangerous situation.

She would be etched in his heart.

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