Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 277 - A New Chapter

Chapter 277: A New Chapter

The postman lived in town. He had heard many rumors about the town mayor’s wife.

Sun Dongqing was not the only one who came to look for the letter of notification. Anyone whose child took part in the high school entrance exam came to ask for the letter. The adults were even more excited than their children.

Ye Ying wore a flower-printed dress and stood obediently beside Sun Dongqing. She rarely went out of her house the entire summer vacation so her skin got fairer. She wasn’t as proud as before anymore.

What happened at that time caused a huge commotion in the village. Every single villager knew what happened. Hence, Ye Ying didn’t come back for the entire winter vacation. She stayed at the provincial city to study English.

One year had passed. The villagers seldom talked about the event anymore. Ye Ying kept a low profile so many villagers had forgotten about what happened.

Zhang Defu took out Ye Ying’s letter and passed it to Sun Dongqing. “This is yours.” Then, he passed the other four letters out. “These are yours. As for the rest… you all can disperse now.”

There were 11 children who took part in the exam but only six letters arrived. Those that never received a letter didn’t manage to get into high school.

“Oh my god, Yingying, it’s the Provincial No.1 Middle School. I knew it. My Yingying definitely can get into the Provincial No.1 Middle School.” Sun Dongqing looked at the school name on the letter and smiled proudly. She looked at the other parents who didn’t get a letter and pretended to console them, “It’s alright. Studying is not the only path a child can take. Every trade has its master. If they can’t study, they should go out and earn some money. It’s a good thing too.”

Talk is cheap. If they really wanted their child to go out and work, they wouldn’t have rush here to ask for the letter.

No one argued with her. She was the town mayor’s wife after all.

“You all can go back home now. We are all living in the same village. Can’t you talk lesser?” Zhang Defu looked at the arrogant Sun Dongqing and sighed. Zhifan’s wife was starting to become more and more conceited.

Sun Dongqing gave him a look of disdain. “I’m just speaking the truth. Studying requires talent. Our Yingying is good at studying. How can other people be compared with her?” She asked the other four parents that got the letter, “Let me see what school you all got into.”

Grandpa Gen came in at this moment and heard this sentence. His expression turned dark as he walked over and said, “Defu, pass me Ye Jian’s letter.”

The moment Grandpa Gen spoke, Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying froze.

Zhang Defu sniggered in his heart. He replied respectfully, “I was just going to send it to you. Ye Jian isn’t back yet?”

“She will come back in around 10 days.” Grandpa Gen took the letter and saw the school name written on it. He smiled.

Ye Ying glanced at him and called his politely, “Grandpa Gen.”

“Learn well when you go to the Provincial No.1 Middle School.” Grandpa Gen didn’t ask her to study well. He asked her to learn well. They sounded the same but the hidden meaning behind it was different. Grandpa Gen was asking Ye Ying to learn to be a good person.

Grandpa Gen disliked the adults but he wouldn’t get angry at a child no matter how bad the child was.

Ye Ying was a smart person. She understood what Grandpa Gen meant. She lowered her eyes to hide her angry gaze. She said obediently, “You are right. It took me much effort to get into a good school. I must learn well. If not, I’ll not be able to get into university.”

“My Yingying is so thoughtful. Uncle Gen, how are Ye Jian’s results? I thought that she must be very good at studying after she got an international award and was the first in class for once. However, as the term went by, I didn’t see her achieving any good results again.”

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