Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 276 - World-class Sniper

Chapter 276: World-class Sniper

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There was only one condition that a sniper couldn’t control: luck.

However, luck was built based on your practice and abilities.

Hence, based on what Principal Chen said, if you failed, don’t say that you are unlucky. The real reason is that you are not good enough. Luck is just an excuse.

The moving target training got harder as the two weeks went by. Principal Chen no longer stood at the side and taught Ye Jian what she should do. Instead, he personally chose to act as Ye Jian’s opponent and started sniping with her.

In the future, when Ye Jian recalled her days of training, she felt that this was the toughest and hardest training.

This was because her opponent was a world-class sniper!

On the first day, Ye Jian couldn’t even find Principal Chen in his disguise. He was within 100 meters from her but she only saw him when she got hit by an empty bullet.

“You must learn to combine natural camouflage and man-made camouflage perfectly. In Spring, there are trees. In Summer, there are bushes. In Autumn, you have fallen leaves. In Winter, you have snow. These are perfectly natural camouflages.” Principal Chen sat cross-legged on the ground with his disguise attire. The skin on his head and his lips were peeling because of sunburn. There was no water to drink or wind to cool down the heat. He just sat there and gave Ye Jian some directions. “Your sense of smell is powerful. Thus, I rolled in the mud so that the smell of my body will be covered up. This is a form of disguise too.”

“Girl, you must remember that disguise is the basic skill a sniper must master. The level of your disguise will affect the completion of your mission.”

This knowledge was gained through his personal experience. Hence, he was extremely harsh when coaching Ye Jian.

Ye Jian entered the real devil training. She was slowly becoming a world-class sniper too.

Ye Jian was a smart person. She learned things quickly. Although she got beaten by Principal Chen some of the time, she only learned shooting for more than a year. She was not as well experienced as Principal Chen. He was someone who had many years of sniper experience.

One month into the summer vacation, Principal Chen brought Ye Jian out of Shuikou Village. No one knew where they went, not even Grandpa Gen.

The different schools started sending out their letters of notification. When the letters of notifications reached the students staying at the village, there were only 15 days left of the summer vacation.

The village leader, Zhang Defu, took over the six letters of notifications from the postman. He counted the number of letters and asked uncertainly, “there are 11 children in middle school. These six letters… is it everything?”

“Village leader, only those who managed to enter high school will receive a notification. Even if there are 20 middle school students in Shuikou Village, only those who got into high schools will get a letter.” The postman smiled. Every year when he sent the letters of notifications to villages, the people in the village would ask the same question.

Zhang Defu nodded. “Yes, yes. Sigh, only six of them entered high school. This year… no one managed to enter university. Sigh, you had a tiring day. Have some tea before you leave.”

“Village leader, is Yingying’s letter here? I saw the postman just now.” Sun Dongqing’s voice floated through the courtyard. She spoke so loudly it was as though she was trying to announce the postman’s arrival to everyone.

The postman wanted to say something but when he heard Sun Dongqing’s voice, he got onto his bicycle and waved at Zhang Defu. He smiled. “I will not have tea. I need to send the letters to the other villages. You should welcome the wife of the town mayor properly.”

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