Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 275 - Results Are Gotten Through Hard Work

Chapter 275: Results Are Gotten Through Hard Work

A sniper mustn’t feel thirsty because of the hot sun. He couldn’t move when he wanted to pee. Neither must he expose himself when insects crawled on him.

Results are gotten through hard work. Ye Jian had completed the theory training, shooting training, technique training, and disguise training. She was able to shoot still targets at various distances.

Now, she was undergoing moving target training.

The moving target training was the hardest form of training. She needed to shoot a moving target within a certain time. The passing time for a target 400 meters away was four seconds.

Ye Jian waited for six hours in hiding… for a mouse to appear.

At last, when the wind blew, a mouse appeared within her scope. In that second, Ye Jian held her breath and took her first shot.

This was her first shot in the moving target training. When the mouse squeaked and ran into the woods, Ye Jian knew that she failed this time.

She frowned slightly. There was a cold aura around her. She held her sniper rifle and stood on the spot while waiting for her scolding.

“Your body was not relaxed enough. Before you shoot, you were too nervous. Also, the six hours of keeping still made you feel tired. There is a difference in what you see and the actual image. Hence, your judgment of the bullet path was wrong.”

Principal Chen’s voice was stern and cold. His expression was serious too. There was no warmth in it. “This gun is not the same gun as you always used but you need to get used to it. You must be able to use all kinds of guns!”

He took the sniper rifle in Ye Jian’s hand and took aim of the target. He calculated the distance and pulled the trigger. Bang! Within a minute, Ye Jian smelled blood in the air.

The mouse that had run away got sniped.

This was the skill of a world-renowned sniper. He didn’t need time to prepare. He just needed a target and he would be able to complete his mission.

This was Ye Jian’s goal too. She wanted to become stronger than Principal Chen. She wanted to stand at a higher place.

Ye Jian gasped silently. This was Principal Chen’s first time shooting in front of her. It came so suddenly. Before she could react, the world-class sniper had finished his performance.

He is so… amazing!

She looked at Principal Chen in admiration. Principal Chen used the gun and lightly knocked on her forehead. “Little girl, practice properly. You will have two weeks of moving target training. After that, I will bring you to a place. Next time, we will train in different places every summer vacation. We will go to the highlands, mountains, deserts… Ye Jian, you must be prepared. The toughest time is just starting.”

The environments of these places were all different. The requirements and conditions for sniping were different too.

The temperature, altitude, wind speed, visibility, light condition, and various other natural conditions would affect the aiming and external ballistics of a bullet.

Principal Chen hoped that Ye Jian would be able to hit her target no matter what environment she was in. The environment will affect the accuracy of a sniper but if she was able to use her skills to overcome these environmental effects, she will still be able to complete her missions with flying colors.

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