Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 274 - A Battle Song Written Using Lives

Chapter 274: A Battle Song Written Using Lives

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Han Zheng lowered his voice. Sensitive words like satellite, communication, and other military secrets were heard.

The message he brought back was a piece of good news to the members of the Xueyu unit who had stayed here for four months. They were able to communicate with the military anytime now.

“The engineers will come and set up the equipment after the new year. We will be able to go down in July.” Han Zheng didn’t take part in the mission the past few months but he knew what mission they were doing.

This was a piece of extremely good news to the sentinels on the high mountains.

G3 kept the map and patted Han Zheng’s shoulder. “Tell the sentinels this good news tomorrow. They will receive the engineers while we guard the area secretly.

“We will leave at 6 am tomorrow. Sleep early after you all finish eating. Save some energy. Z7, there are some oxygen bottles left. If you are uncomfortable, call for someone. We will take turns keeping watch. Someone will call you later.”

When Han Zheng came, the heavy snow blocked the road so he had to stay at the military depot around 3000 meters above sea level. However, this place was more than 5000 meters above sea level. G3 was worried that he wouldn’t be able to wake up after he fell asleep due to the lack of oxygen. Hence, he asked someone to wake him up in the middle of the night.

This was not just an alarmist talk. It really happened before.

Dinner was the hard bread Han Zheng prepared, a piece of sausage, and a bag of dried vegetables. As for fresh vegetables, fragrant rice, and pipping hot noodles… Don’t even think about it.

The five of them still had food to eat but their three missing comrades were trapped somewhere. However, they were not extremely worried. This situation happened often. The longest time someone lost contact with the main team was three days.

When Spring arrived, a confidential message deciphered solely by Han Zheng was sent back to the military. At the same time, a map with a military project was sent back too.

This information was gotten at the risk of eight lives. The eight members of the Xueyu unit climbed through mountains and walked through areas filled with snow leopards. They even climbed on steep walls when there were no small roads to walk on. The mountain was so high, they couldn’t see the bottom at all. All they had was their limbs.

When the information was sent, Spring was arriving for the Southern countries. Sakuras had withered in the Northern countries.

The days passed quickly. Before everyone knew it, Spring had ended.

Ye Jian finished the senior high entrance exam. She didn’t sit at home and wait for the notification letter to arrive. Instead, she returned to her village and joined the military unit’s training.

Principal Chen and Grandpa Gen didn’t ask Ye Jian about her results. They didn’t ask her if her exam went well too. The moment she said that she wanted to go to the military unit, the two elders sent her there.

Her results were not their main focus. It was never their main focus.

One and a half years had passed. There were still two and a half years left to the four-year plan. Ye Jian’s training got harder. She laid under the scorching heat with bushes on her head as a disguise. She had a Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle set up in front of her. Ye Jian was having a long-range sniper training. She had not moved for six hours!

Long-range sniper missions required the sniper to attack their opponents even when they hadn’t had any food, water, or sleep. A good sense of hearing and vision were necessary for a sniper. At the same time, they needed a high level of patience.

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