Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 273 - Strong And Elegant

Chapter 273: Strong And Elegant

The training of the Xueyu unit was harder than any other military unit. However, the soldiers of the Xueyu unit were much stronger than other soldiers too.

Han Zheng was someone who could endure hardships. His expression didn’t change as he distributed the bread and sausages. These were only enough to make sure that they weren’t hungry.

“Yes, she is a sensitive person. I’m curious about what you did to her. Why was she able to smile so brightly at you? It was as though the sunlight was raining down on her.” Han Zheng had a good impression of Ye Jian. For a person born into such a family, he had seen all kinds of people. He could tell who was sincere and who was acting with just a single look.

The feeling that Ye Jian gave Han Zheng was sincere and forthright.

That’s right, sincere and forthright. He didn’t look at her exquisite features. Instead, he looked at her aura. Her actions were graceful and natural. She didn’t appear weak like the other ladies. Instead, she seemed strong and elegant.

“However, she really had no feelings towards you. You rushed over specially and didn’t manage to see her. But she only felt guilty. There were no other feelings.”

“You have to thank me for this. If I didn’t remind her about this, you might not even be able to receive this letter written on the menu paper.”

Xia Jinyuan listened to him quietly as he spoke. His smile was like the sun in the snowing sky, lively and glaring. “It’s good enough that she felt some guilt. Take out all the things that you didn’t take out. She mentioned that you took some photos of her.”

“She told you that?”

“Of course. This is our way of interaction. You won’t understand.”

Han Zheng clicked his tongue and replied in frustration, “It was so hard to be your matchmaker. Yet, I didn’t get any benefits at all. I was going to use the photos to negotiate some deals with you but she sold me off with a letter. What kind of interaction do you two have? Why not tell me about it?”

What kind of interaction? From acquaintance to confidants to comrades working together… they were friends and brothers-in-arms. If they could become a couple one day, that would be perfect.

A few figures walked against the light and entered the wooden house amidst the cold wind. The two people that were chatting just now immediately stood up straight to welcome their comrades who came back from a mission.

This time, they were not here only for training. There was an important mission too!

“The situation is not good. Take the rations tomorrow and walk around here.” G3 laid out the map and moved his slender fingers around it. He said to Xia Jinyuan, “Q King, you have a good discerning ability. You will go with J5 together tomorrow. As for Z7, you just came so you are not familiar with the area. You will stay here and guard the house. The other party kept making small actions recently. The company commander at the sentry post contacted me today and hoped that we can reinforce them.”

“You will stay back and reinforce the sentry post. Q King, J5, and I will look for the three comrades that lost contact with us.”

Han Zheng didn’t know that he would meet such a situation the moment he came. He listened to the cold wind blowing outside. It was loud enough to hurt his eardrums. “Yes, I will be fine. I will guard your back and leave the frontline to you all. Also, the military asked me to give you all a message…”

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