Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2744

2744 Know How To Use It

The special forces soldiers who were undergoing sun-resistant training endured their bodies and forced themselves to concentrate, so they couldn’t turn around. It was very hard for them to bear with it. The pieces of wood almost swayed.

“Calm down. With K7 and Q King taking care of her, Azure Bird will be fine!”

G3 reminded his comrades beside him. He could see everything in front of him and tell them the latest situation in time. “She fainted. K7 is taking care of it. It shouldn’t be a big problem. Everyone, stand still!”

It was not a big problem. The main problem was that her body was at its limit. In addition, her period made things a little turbulent. She stood for too long and didn’t get any exercise or rest. That was why she fainted.

Her heartbeat was normal, but her pulse was a little unstable… K7, who had finished his inspection, knew that Azure Bird was fine. He then realized that there was a layer of cold sweat on his back.


Ye Jian, who had fainted, was so pale that her face was almost transparent. Her skin was already fair. Now that it was so pale, one could even see the fine green blood vessels.

When K7 saw her like this for the first time, his heart dropped.

He had never seen such a weak Ye Jian before. She was so weak that her thin neck seemed like it would break at any moment. Her entire body was weak and fragile.

There was no trace of liveliness in her. She was so pale that it made people’s hearts sink.

“It’s okay. Her stamina is exhausted, so she just needs to rest. Carry her and deal with the blood on her body. There are female products in her sanitary bag. Q King, you need to do two things.” K7 instructed calmly without any awkwardness. “Change her clothes and change her into feminine products.

“There’s iron powder and red bran syrup in the sanitary bag. These were specially prepared by the logistics department for the female soldiers in the military unit. Give her some syrup after you’re done.”

Xia Jinyuan didn’t feel awkward. He listened carefully and nodded seriously. “I’ll carry her to the forest now.”

“Don’t keep her all wrapped up. Expose her to some air and massage her joints. It’s not good to stand for too long.” It was rare for K7 to say so many words without panting.

Actually, one could tell that K7 was anxious too.

How could he not be anxious?

At this moment, Ye Jian’s lips were pale and lifeless.

Xia Jinyuan carried Ye Jian again. “Stuff the sanitary bag in her backpack into my clothes! Hurry!”

Although he knew that half of Ye Jian’s fainting was due to exhaustion and the other half due to her body suddenly relaxing, Xia Jinyuan’s heart was still in turmoil. It was so painful that his voice was hoarse. Every word was very strenuous.

At first, when Demon King Li said that she might faint, he was already anxious. Later on, when K7 said the same thing, he immediately asked G3 to stand facing Ye Jian so that he could discover the problem in time.

He didn’t dare to face her. He was afraid that every second he saw her, the decisions he made would change. Military orders couldn’t be changed overnight. Not only would he not be able to convince the public, but he would also be ignoring the rules of the military.

He would never leave mistakes uncorrected until the next day. If he could punish someone on that day, he would do it on that day. There was no such thing as delaying it to the second day.

Even when she really fainted in his arms, he didn’t regret it. He only felt heartache. His heart ached so much that it felt like it was being squeezed and crushed.

She was a female soldier. She had to suffer many things, including training.

K7 took out the medical sanitary bag and stuffed it into his clothes. K7 paused for a moment and asked him, “Do you… know how to use it?”

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