Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2745

2745 The Use Of Feminine Products

“I do!” Xia Jinyuan replied. He stretched out one arm and asked K7 to place Ye Jian’s backpack on his shoulder. He didn’t stay any longer. He carried the backpack on one shoulder and carried Ye Jian with both hands. The young lieutenant colonel ran toward the forest.

Behind him, K7 retracted his surprised expression.

Q King said that he… had studied the use of feminine products. Why did it sound so awkward to him?

Who would study the usage of feminine products for no reason?

On the cliff, Li Jinnian didn’t realize that Ye Jian had fainted. He focused all his attention on his hands and feet. After more than two hours of not knowing the situation, he had calmed down.


As the captain, Q King didn’t do anything wrong. Last night, he told himself clearly that there were no such things as girlfriends on the training ground. There was only Azure Bird. If the person being punished today was someone else, he wouldn’t have gotten angry. He wouldn’t have lost his composure and asked Xia Jinyuan for an explanation.

If it was anyone else today, he would only give a thumbs up to Q King’s iron-clad fist.

“Demon King, your speed is too fast. Be careful of your feet!”

As Li Jinnian accelerated his descent, the three water ghosts who climbed ten minutes earlier than him hurriedly reminded him. He was too fast. He was so fast that they were frightened!

“Climbing is my forte,” Li Jinnian replied calmly to remind his comrades. His long legs moved down again, stepping on a protruding rock covered with moss. He stepped on it firmly and released his hand. He returned cautiously without losing his speed.

Climbing with bare hands was a skill every special forces soldier needed to know. Li Jinnian had always liked to climb rocks since he was young. He trained with Xia Jinyuan and won the first rock climbing competition.

When the water ghosts heard his calm explanation, they cursed silently in their hearts.

They naturally knew that climbing was Demon King Li’s forte, but they didn’t know that he was so skilled

Just like what Big Shark said, was Demon King Li hiding part of his strength?

The reason was… he didn’t want them to suffer a huge blow and look bad?

Li Jinnian didn’t have the time to guess what his comrades were thinking. He wanted to return to the surface as soon as possible to check on his cousin’s condition.

As for Xia Jinyuan, who wanted to marry his cousin?

It wouldn’t be so easy!

“You don’t have to worry about me. Look at your feet. Whether Azure Bird can end her punishment in advance will depend on you.” Li Jinnian took a few steps down and looked up. His cold gaze was as calm as a mirror. “She’s a female soldier. Occasionally, she needs male soldiers to take care of her.”

The water ghosts couldn’t bear to see Ye Jian being punished for a long time either. When they brushed past the wolves of the Xueyu unit, they could clearly feel the pressure on these wolves. They didn’t even look at them from the corner of their eyes and kept climbing down.

Big Shark said softly, “I have to say that Q King’s punishment is well thought out. Comrades go through thick and thin together and help each other. If one has difficulties, others will support one. If one is in danger, others will cover one. We support each other and help each other. We walk through the flames of war and smoke to protect each other’s lives.

“If Azure Bird is punished, it’ll increase the bond between her and the male soldiers.”

Li Jinnian was influenced by his personal emotions, so he didn’t think about that. Hearing that, his body froze.

Xia Jinyuan’s words flashed past his mind. He said that ‘Azure Bird’s future path isn’t just that of an ordinary special forces soldier.’ At that time, he was distracted. He was afraid that his cousin would be punished, so his heart ached. He didn’t think too much about it even after he calmed down.

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