Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2743

2743 Blood Rushes Down

Even so, Ye Jian felt waves of blood rushing to her head.

Standing still for more than four hours was not far away from her limit of five hours. Now, her entire body was stiff like a layer of plaster. She couldn’t move her entire body. It was especially difficult for her to speak.

“I won’t be able to stand for long. The longest time I’ve been exposed to the sun was five hours, but the temperature is much higher than now. If there’s a cool breeze, I might be able to stand for longer than five hours.”

When she opened her mouth, Ye Jian realized that her voice was extremely hoarse. It was as if a handful of salt had been sprinkled on her throat. Her throat was so dry that it itched.

K7 glanced at the lower half of her body. He couldn’t tell that the blood had stained her pants. “Okay, I understand.”


K7, who was used to being concise, didn’t say much. He retracted his gaze and returned to Xia Jinyuan’s side. His pale face turned dark as he said in a low voice, “Her limit is five hours. The temperature is appropriate now. She can last for another hour at most.”

An hour later, Li Jinnian and the water ghosts started to return to the ground. G3, who was standing opposite Xia Jinyuan and facing Ye Jian, kept looking at Ye Jian so that he could find out if there was anything wrong with her.

Xia Jinyuan was the one who arranged for him to stand here.

Xia Jinyuan couldn’t stand in front of Ye Jian directly. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to be ruthless and would lose his fairness in the end. In the end, he chose G3 and asked him to help him watch over her.

When Ye Jian’s figure swayed slightly, G3’s expression suddenly tensed up. He said in a low voice, “Q King!”

Before he finished speaking, Xia Jinyuan threw the rifle on his shoulder and turned around, running toward Ye Jian.

His departure made the comrades of the Xueyu unit heave a sigh of relief.

Five and a half hours. Azure Bird had been standing for five and a half hours!

Fortunately, the temperature on the mountain wasn’t high. The cold wind would brush past her face and make her feel less tired. She gritted her teeth and endured it to stand for five and a half hours.

Ye Jian had reached her limit. As blood rushed down from her lower body, Ye Jian gritted her teeth and persevered. When she saw the man running toward her, she felt her vision turning black before she could even smile. She didn’t have time to react or salvage the situation. Her stiff body fell forward.

Ye Jian didn’t feel anything and didn’t think about how painful it would be. Her vision turned black, and all the joints in her body lost their function. She fell down in a daze.

Ye Jian, who had fainted, didn’t know that she wasn’t lying in the grass. Her figure swayed and she was in Xia Jinyuan’s arms.

“Azure Bird!!”

Xia Jinyuan’s eyes were trembling as he hugged the unconscious Ye Jian. Seeing that she was gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, Xia Jinyuan hugged Ye Jian and ran toward K7.

He didn’t shout or alarm Demon King Li who was still completing his climbing training. His eyes and the veins on his arms were bulging. He ran to K7’s side at lightning speed.

When he saw that the figure wasn’t a tiger, he retracted his gun extremely quickly. Just as Xia Jinyuan’s chest was about to hit the muzzle, he threw the gun on his shoulder.

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