Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2742

2742 Awkward

Finally, after climbing up and down, K7 glanced in the direction where Ye Jian was standing. He stopped in his tracks and strode toward Xia Jinyuan.

The team members who completed the climbing training in front could start the next round of training. As the captain, Xia Jinyuan completed it with his teammates too.

Xia Jinyuan had always been strict with himself when it came to training.

The body training was underway. Everyone was carrying a rifle in their hands. A piece of wood was hanging from the muzzle of the rifle. It wasn’t a small piece of wood. It was a piece of wood that was as thick as an adult’s arm and 20 centimeters long.

Hanging a piece of wood or brick from the muzzle of the gun and placing stones below Ye Jian’s heels and toes followed the same principles. They had to keep their bodies motionless and not let the piece of wood shake.


The piece of wood itself was vertical, and it was only tied with a rope. As long as the soldier moved his body slightly, the rifle in his hand would move too. The shaking of the piece of wood meant failure.

Compared to Ye Jian’s current training, it was more difficult for them.

When K7 saw the two pieces of wood hanging from Xia Jinyuan’s muzzle, his expression changed slightly. Q King… was using this method to accompany Azure Bird who was getting punished.

Demon King’s heart ached for Azure Bird, but Q King’s heart ached even more!

“Azure Bird’s period is here. You can take care of her after it ends.” K7 wrapped a rope around the muzzle of his rifle and said calmly, “Demon King is angry because he knows that Azure Bird is on her period.”

Azure Bird… was having her period?

Xia Jinyuan, who didn’t know anything, retracted his pupils. He didn’t smell any blood on her when he hugged her before!

“When I placed the stones for her, I smelled a faint smell of blood. It hadn’t come when you were hugging her. Demon King Li… must know about it too.”

They were all soldiers who had blood on their hands and were especially sensitive to blood. The smell of blood on Azure Bird couldn’t be hidden from everyone.

“Demon King and the rest will need at least two and a half hours to finish. Q King, Azure Bird has been standing for more than four hours. Add another two and a half hours… It’s almost seven hours of exposure to the sun. She’ll indeed faint.”

At first, they thought that it would end in four and a half hours to five hours. However, the truth was wrong. It was even harder to climb up. They were severely delayed. Seven hours of exposure to the sun…

The weather in the mountains was not bad. The temperature was lower than outside. If it was just an extra hour of exposure to the sun, it would consume physical energy, but in other aspects, it was fine.

However, it was unacceptable to add another two hours.

Xia Jinyuan said, “Go and take a look at Azure Bird’s condition. It depends on the situation.” He didn’t stop punishing Ye Jian immediately.

“Okay.” K7 nodded. He carried his rifle that was tied to a piece of wood and strode toward Ye Jian.

Xia Jinyuan, who was waiting for K7 to come back, couldn’t calm down. Nothing went wrong every time Azure Bird had her period. She wouldn’t feel any pain, but she would feel a little uncomfortable the first day.

Last night, she ran around in the rain. No matter how strong her stamina was, the arrival of her period would destroy her strong will.

He hoped that she was fine.

K7 was already asking Ye Jian, “Azure Bird, I’m the team’s doctor. Don’t think too much about my questions. You don’t have to feel awkward.

“I want to know how long you can last now.”

K7 knew that she was shy, so he didn’t ask Ye Jian directly if she was on her period. Instead, he asked her in another way.

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