Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 266 - Unreachable Distance

Chapter 266: Unreachable Distance

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“Really? Did she get hurt? I will not be able to feel at ease if I don’t see her.” Ye Zhifan looked at the policeman who had not left the train. He narrowed his eyes. “Yingying got frightened today too. Both of the girls got a huge scare today.”

Principal Chen smiled. He took out a key and opened the door. “This girl was even more scared that Ye Ying. Luckily, the robbers opened the door themselves so she asked me to jump down with her. She got a scare but her courage is praise-worthy. Everyone should learn from her.”

The girl inside curled up on the small bed. She had changed into dry clothes but her hair was still a little wet. Her back was facing the door. Her facial expressions couldn’t be seen.

“Let her sleep.” Principal Chen closed the door lightly and didn’t let Ye Zhifan look at Ye Jian any longer. He locked the door. “She is still afraid so she asked me to lock the door. I hope you don’t mind.”

The little girl came back just in time. She even knew that Ye Zhifan would come and look for her.

He who has knowledge of his enemy is bound to win the battle. It seemed like he didn’t have to worry that Ye Zhifan would bully Ye Jian anymore.

Ye Zhifan took a step forward. He saw the black bag in the policeman’s hand. It was soaked. Water kept dripping down from it.

He looked at the puddle of water on the ground. His gaze turned sharp.

“There is some life-saving money inside this bag. Police officer, since you brought it back, can you take out the life-saving money first?” Principal Chen said in a low voice. He saw Ye Zhifan from the corner of his eyes. He had a complicated expression on his face and he seemed to be thinking of something. He sighed, “The money is needed to save a life.”

Ye Zhifan looked at the bag in the policeman’s hand again. He asked Principal Chen, “Why can’t we take the money and pass it back to the passengers?”

“You confirmed that this is the bag the robber stuffed the money into and took down from the train, right?” The policeman recording the notes was a 40-year-old man. “We need a few more witnesses to clarify this fact. After that, we can pass the money back to the passengers.”

Principal Chen smiled and took a step back. “I can confirm that this is the bag the robbers took down. It contained a portion of the money from the passengers. As for witnesses, Mr. Ye is able to be a witness.”

“Yes, I can confirm it.” Ye Zhifan nodded. He could confirm this since his money was inside the bag too. “You can open the bag and see if there is an envelope with 1000RMB inside. That is the cash the robbers took from me.”

The envelope was indeed found in the bag. The police looked at it and then zipped the bag up again. “Fine, follow me.”

This bag was brought back by the police and not by Principal Chen or Ye Jian… Ye Zhifan felt at ease after he understood the situation.

The train stopped for half an hour before moving again. Ye Jian had her eyes closed as she felt the silver wire on her wrist. There was a gentle smile on the face.

Only she can save herself. She cannot rely on anyone else.

At the Provincial People’s Great Hall, Ye Jian and Wang Mo received their awards from the governor of the province. She thanked the people that helped her and said that she would continue to work hard. After everything ended, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She was not used to this kind of situation.

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