Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 265 - Freedom In This Life

Chapter 265: Freedom In This Life

The voices and footsteps of the police got nearer. The bright light was something robbers should be afraid of. Yet, Ye Jian felt freed when she saw the light.

In her past life, there were people who came to save her too. She was just not lucky enough.

“You are very lucky. If the police came a second later, you will not be able to stay alive.” The silver wire loosened. Ye Jian smiled and retrieved her silver wire. The leader of the robbers panted heavily. He picked up the black bag that contained the money and ran into the darkness.

She wouldn’t have the same ending as her past life.

This time, she wouldn’t have to worry that she would die from humiliation. She wouldn’t have to worry about whether anyone would save her when she met troubles.

She had the ability to protect herself now. She was able to beat the person who wanted to humiliate her. She finally allowed herself to walk out of her dark past. She felt freed and refreshed.

The train had stopped for 20 minutes. It would leave in another 10 minutes. Principal Chen changed his attire and sat quietly in the staff lounge. He listened to the cries and laughter from the passengers of carriage no. 9. He looked through the window to see if the stubborn figure had appeared under the lamp at the side of the tracks.

In the carriage, Ye Zhifan patted Ye Ying’s back lightly as he answered the policeman’s questions. “It was a mess just now. My daughter and I were squeezed at the back. We don’t know what happened in front.”

“Policeman, my daughter has a heart disease. We are going to the provincial city to visit the doctor. She got shocked by what happened just now and it took some effort for her to fall asleep. If you have any questions, you can ask me. She is just a student. She will only cry if you question her.”

He took out the medical records. It was from the municipal people’s hospital. It stated Ye Ying’s medical conditions clearly.

The police took a look at it and returned it to Ye Zhifan. He asked Ye Zhifan if he wanted a medical person to check on his daughter. Ye Zhifan declined it politely.

After the policeman left, Ye Zhifan frowned and said in a cold voice, “Yingying, you always do stupid things at inappropriate times. You think that your plans are perfect but it’s actually full of loopholes.”

Ye Ying clenched her fists tightly. She looked as though she was sleeping but her entire body was tensed. She didn’t reply to her father. The fear in her eyes only disappeared after the policeman left.

“I’ll go and find Ye Jian. She hasn’t appeared for a long time.” Ye Zhifan knew that his daughter was listening. She was a proud and selfish person. This was enough to let her be at a disadvantage against Ye Jian.

Just like what the middle-aged woman from Yannan City said, he admired Ye Jian’s bold behavior too.

Why did she have the courage to do such a bold act? Was it because she knew how to fight? Was it because she had the support of the military unit? Was this an arrangement made by Principal Chen? He needed to confirm his thoughts personally.

He walked to the staff lounge. The blinds were down. He was not able to see the inside of the lounge. He placed his hand on the doorknob and pushed it down. It was locked.

He knocked on the door. “Ye Jian, let uncle take a look at you.”

No sound came from within. Principal Chen walked out of the passageway and said, “I got some medicine from the medical staff. She is probably asleep now.” There was a policeman beside him who was enquiring about what happened.

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