Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 264 - Shadow From The Past

Chapter 264: Shadow From The Past

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“You wanted to play with me, right? I’m playing with you now. Why aren’t happy?” Ye Jian had used her silver wire to tie the leader’s wrist. She raised her leg and kicked his chin forcefully.

The force broke the two front teeth of the leader.

He could taste the blood in his mouth. His right palm was filled with wounds. One of them was so deep the flesh inside could be seen.

He had tried to grab the silver wire just now but Ye Jian noticed his small actions and used the silver wire to cut through his palm. It was so painful he screamed just now.

Ye Jian couldn’t control her emotions. She remembered how she died in her past life. Her aura turned cold.

Her short hair was soaked with water. The water dripped down her hair. Her black eyes seemed extremely eerie under the rainy sky. “Why aren’t you happy that I’m playing with you now? Didn’t you say you want to play with me?”

Her voice pierced into the leader’s ears like a knife. He felt a chill down his spine.

Fear stuck him at this moment. Ye Jian moved behind him and placed a piece of metal wire around his neck.

“Help… help me…” The metal wire got tighter and tighter. The wire on his wrist got pulled back too. His hands moved closer to his neck. He didn’t dare to retaliate. If he tried to resist, the silver wire would cut into his flesh and hurt his bones.

He wanted to run forward but Ye Jian kicked his knees. He stumbled and one of his knees landed on the ground. The small stones on the ground cut into his flesh. He was in so much pain he felt as though his kneecap had shattered.

“I’m having so much fun now. Why are you shouting for help? Wasn’t this what you wanted to do? The only difference is, our roles are changed. You are the one being played. However, the process is the same, right?”

If she had such abilities in her past life, she wouldn’t be bullied by all those evil people. She wouldn’t have to die too!

She had another chance to live. She would never allow anyone to humiliate her, never!

Her voice was cold and sinister. The leader of the robbers got so scared he peed his pants. He stuttered as he pleaded for mercy, “I’m not playing anymore… I was wrong… to offend you…”

He was being strangled. His hands were tied up and his knee was in pain. However, he still had to beg Ye Jian, “I won’t dare… to do this… anymore. I won’t dare… to…”

Ye Jian blinked. Her eyes turned red when she heard the leader’s pleas. The next moment, warm tears flowed down her cheeks.

She felt as though she had relieved herself of a heavy burden. She felt much lighter. She straightened her back.

A flash of light shone in her direction. The police had arrived. There were around five of them. They were closing in from all directions.

Ye Jian sighed. She smiled. As the killing intent around her disappeared, the hatred in her eyes diminished too.

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