Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 263 - Difference In Character

Chapter 263: Difference In Character

Ye Ying was still badly shaken as she sat on the bed. She looked at the medical workers as they attended to the injured people. The passengers who injured their heads were laid on stretchers and sent to the hospital directly.

Those that didn’t suffer from serious injuries got their body examined. Once it was confirmed that they were fine, they were asked to rest in the carriage.

“Where is the female student that stood up for everyone just now?”

“Wasn’t she still on the train just now? Hurry up and look for her!”

Some people started explaining to the police what happened while others went to look around the compartments.

The middle-aged woman had a 5 mm wound on her head. When the medical worker was taking care of her injury, she grabbed a policeman. She bore with the pain in her head and said, “Sir, I was pushed out by a girl. I want to sue her! I want to sue her! Where is her conscience? The other girl risked her life to help us but this girl pushed me out so that the robbers would not spot her!”

Her voice was not loud but Ye Ying, who noticed her, heard everything. She trembled. She said to Ye Zhifan, “Father, I’m not feeling well. I want to lie down.”

If she didn’t want to be found out, she mustn’t let the police talk to her. She couldn’t speak in front of the middle-aged woman too. She must keep a low profile! Once she gets down the train at the provincial city, she will be safe.

The police were very efficient. They organized a group of people to guard the train and then asked those passengers that weren’t injured to find their luggage and pack up.

Those that were injured and needed to be sent to the hospital described their luggage and what was inside to the police. The police would take care of it and take their luggage down the train.

Principal Chen came up the train with a policeman and heard that the passengers were looking for Ye Jian and him. He smiled and stopped them. “We are fine. The girl is just a bold person. She got frightened when she jumped down the train just now so she is resting at the lounge. Thank you for your concern.”

The passengers in the carriage heaved a sigh of relief. The middle-aged woman from Yannan City looked ashamed of herself. Before she got down the train, she said, “Please tell that girl that… I will not forget her.”

Then she gritted her teeth and continued, “The little girl that caused me to hurt my head, I will not forget you too. Wait for me!”

She would not let the girl off so easily.

The passengers in the hard-seat carriage felt that the train wasn’t moving so they woke up. It was very warm in the carriage. They opened the window. The wind blew in. The cold air caused them to feel sleepy again. No one noticed that something was amiss.

As for the train that stopped… Everyone was used to it.

The rain didn’t appear to be stopping soon. The police managed to catch many robbers and handcuffed them to the police cars.

The leader was stopped by Ye Jian. He no longer appeared arrogant and confident like just now. His wrist was tied up by a strong material. The student stood in the dark and didn’t make a sound. All she did was hit him.

His chest, his stomach, his knee. She hit all the places that hurt the most. He got frightened.

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