Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 262 - How Can I Save You

Chapter 262: How Can I Save You

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The robbers who jumped down the train shouted to their companions and asked them to jump down quickly too. Many robbers who climbed onto the luggage rack threw their metal pipes at the passengers and jumped down the train after cursing at them.

Those robbers left on the carriage saw their companions leaving so they didn’t want to stay on the train anymore. The rushed to the front and jumped down the train.

It was raining heavily outside. After the leader of the robbers came down the train, he sneered and pointed at Ye Jian and Principal Chen. “Brothers, what I said on the train still holds now. The person that kills the two of them will get…”

He waved the luggage bag in his hand. “All this money!”

The robbers got bolder after they got off the train. They rushed towards Ye Jian and Principal Chen with the metal bars in their hands.

A gunshot sounded. The police from Yu An city noticed the commotion here and fired a shot to warn the robbers. Then, they rushed over.

“Damn it!” The leader knew that he couldn’t do anything to Ye Jian and Principal Chen today. He shouted, “Let’s go!” He was the first to run away.

Wait for me! I will take my revenge one day!

Robbers were afraid of the police. That was something unchangeable. In addition, the police had guns on them. The robbers that were chasing Ye Jian and Principal fiercely a moment ago instantly scattered and jumped over the railway. They tried to run away amidst the rain.

Ye Jian only had her eyes on the leader. After the gunshot sounded, she told Principal Chen, “You can’t stand in the rain because of your injury. Go back to the train. I’ll come back soon.”

“Girl, be careful. I’ll ask the police to chase after the robbers.” Principal Chen waved his hand and looked at Ye Jian as she ran fearlessly into the dark.

This girl had too many thoughts on her mind. He still remembered the killing intent on her when the leader said that he wanted to play with her.

She needed to vent her frustration. She couldn’t keep it inside her. Hence, Principal Chen allowed her to chase after the leader. If she killed him… She wouldn’t.

When the police rushed over, Principal Chen pointed them to the direction where the robbers went. However, he didn’t say that Ye Jian went to chase the leader.

The train screeched to a stop. Carriage no. 9 was filled with people crying but no one dared to move. They were afraid that there were still robbers inside.

Someone among them said, “They’re all gone.” All the passengers immediately relaxed. However, the fear they experienced just now prevented them from moving.

Someone laid on the aisle and moaned in pain. Ye Ying heard the voice. She froze. She was agitated.

This was the middle-aged woman that she pushed out just now.

Many people were injured. Some had blood dripping down their heads. Luckily, all of them were alive. They all survived this ordeal.

“Money! My money! My husband’s life-saving money!” The woman who got her life-saving money taken away cried and ran out. The aisle was filled with luggage. She tried to find her money back.

She was not the only person who suffered losses. But she lost the most money.

Before she went out of the train, she got stopped by the police. The police quickly sent someone to understand her situation.

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