Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 261 - Evil Ye Ying

Chapter 261: Evil Ye Ying

After someone threw the luggage down, other people started dumping the bedsheets and pillows. The robbers were unable to retreat.

“My bag, my bag! Husband, our bag!” The middle-aged woman’s scream pierced through the carriage. It was like the sound of war drums.

However, no one cared about her. No one seemed to have heard her. Even if they did… Who would care about a bag at a time like this? Their main aim now should be to chase the robbers away and let the police catch them.

Ye Ying was the closest to the middle-aged woman. The woman stepped and elbowed her many times. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and shout back, “Why are you still caring about your bag now? Are you an idiot?”

A bedsheet suddenly landed on her head. She instinctively went to lift the bedsheet up. Something hard landed on the bedsheet.

Some robbers had climbed up to the luggage rack and were fighting there.

Ye Ying didn’t dare to lift the bedsheet up anymore. Someone probably placed the bedsheet on her so she wouldn’t get hurt. She grabbed the bedsheet tightly and squeezed to the back.

The middle-aged woman was covered by the bedsheet too. She realized that there was someone on the luggage rack and wanted to grab the bedsheet to protect herself.

Ye Ying knew that the woman was stronger than her. She was out of breath from all the squeezing. She gritted her teeth and pushed the woman, who was stumbling around, out of the bedsheet forcefully.

The woman didn’t guard her back so she flew forward when Ye Ying pushed her.

The robber saw the middle-aged woman and raised their metal pipes. They hit her continuously. The woman screamed in pain. Ye Ying’s heart pounded furiously when she heard the screams.

While Ye Jian and Principal Chen were fighting with the robbers and trying to protect everyone, Ye Ying only thought of protecting herself.

“Boss, hurry up and leave! If not, it’ll be too late. The train is almost stopping!” The train was getting slower and slower. The robber guarding the door opened the door and shouted to his companions, “The door is opened. Let’s go!”

No one heard him. All his companions were fighting with the male passengers. The sound of metal pipes clanging, the screams of the passengers and the other noises covered his voice up.

Ye Jian had already seen the two robbers behind her who were supposed to be guarding the door. When she saw that they had opened the door, she immediately kicked both of them down without hesitation. With the current speed of the train, they would not fall to their death.

Her focus was not on these little sidekicks. It was on the leader of the robbers, the person who said that he wanted to play with her. If she caught him, catching the other robbers would be a piece of cake.

As the train slowed down, the lights from the side of the railway shone in and lit up the carriage. It made it easier for the passengers to fight with the robbers.

It also allowed Ye Jian to see the leader who was urging his sidekicks forward so that he could retreat and find a chance to escape.

“Let’s get down the carriage first. This place is too small. It’s not good for us.” Ye Jian saw through the leader’s intention and smiled as she said to Principal Chen, “We can work out our body better when we are outside.”

If she didn’t catch this stupid leader today, her training would be for nothing!

Hence, Ye Jian pretended to retreat and jumped down the train with Principal Chen. The robbers quickly jumped down after them.

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