Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 260 - A Messy Confrontation

Chapter 260: A Messy Confrontation

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The train was still 15 minutes away from the station. Hence, the robbers were alerted when the train slowed down. Also, just like what Principal Chen said, there was someone cooperating with them within the crew of the train.

The leader raised the metal pipe and aimed it at Principal Chen’s head. His gaze turned vicious. “F**k, you were dragging time! You are looking for death!”

The robbers were vulgar people. They raised the metal pipes in their hands and wanted to beat Ye Jian and Principal Chen up before they leave.

Ye Jian had her silver thread in her hand. She was waiting for this moment. She twirled the thread around the leader’s metal pipe and pulled it. The metal slipped out of the leader’s hand.

“Principal Chen, this is for you. Is it suitable for you?” There was a huge mess in front. Ye Zhifan had no time to care about her now. The head of the snake was here. She needed to catch it.

The leader was stunned when Ye Jian took his metal pipe away. He looked at his empty hand that was frozen in mid-air. Then, he looked at Ye Jian. His face was twitching. He was burning with anger.

“No wonder you are so bold. You do have some capabilities. Brothers, whoever who kills this old man and this young girl will get all the money snatched today!”

The leader was smart. Although he was indignant, he still remembered that it was against the law to murder someone. Hence, he asked his sidekicks to do it for him.

The temptation of money ignited the spirits of these 20-year-old young men. They raised their metal pipes and slashed it at Ye Jian and Principal Chen.

The passengers at the back were on their guard the entire time. When they saw the robbers trying to hurt the two people that tried to save everyone, the young man sleeping on the berth above Ye Jian shouted, “l=Let me scald you to death!”

He poured all the hot water on the bandits. The other male passengers followed suit and poured hot water all over the bandits.

The bandits were only wearing a thin layer of clothes. When the hot water was poured on them, they started screaming in pain. Their screams were even louder than the screams of the passengers.

“Ladies and children, move to the back! Hurry up!” The male passengers felt their adrenaline running. Some timid male passengers followed the ladies and the children. They came to the link between carriage no. 9 and no. 10. Then they realized that it was locked, they pounded the door furiously.

The robber was frightened by all the people that rushed to the door. He threw his metal pipe away and pretended to be a passenger.

It was 3 am now. The passengers in carriage no. 10 were deep asleep. They were not affected by the commotion at all.

Both the doors of carriage no.9 and no. 10 was locked. This was done on purpose so that the passengers in carriage no. 10 would not know what was happening in the other carriage.

Some agile man climbed to the luggage rack and pushed all the luggage down onto the robbers. In times of crisis, human potentials are released. This was a good way to stop the robbers.

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