Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 259 - Robbery On The Train (9)

Chapter 259: Robbery On The Train (9)

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She was unable to hide her malicious aura from Principal Chen. Principal Chen raised his hand and patted Ye Jian’s shoulder lightly. He asked her to stand at the back of the carriage. “Let the passengers behind come forward.”

He felt that this child had too many thoughts on her mind. Just now, a single sentence from the leader made her want to kill him. She needed to learn to control her emotions.

Once she was able to do that perfectly, Grandpa Gen and he would feel at ease sending her to the battlefield.

This girl didn’t have anyone to rely on. If she didn’t learn to be tactful, she would have a hard time surviving.

This was the thought both Grandpa Gen and Principal Chen had. They hoped that when they were not around, Ye Jian can live a good life on her own. She must rely on herself and not on other people.

These two elders kept grooming Ye Jian’s independence. In the future, this would give Xia Jinyuan much headache. During that time, Ye Jian would be living a good life, so good that she felt her life was perfect… without love.

The leader didn’t feel that an elder and a child would be of much threat to him. He walked to the back of the carriage and blocked their path. “Old man, don’t try to play any tricks. Give me the money obediently and don’t care about anything else.”

There was not much time left. His gaze turned vicious. He took a metal pipe from his sidekick and pointed it angrily at Principal Chen. “Give me the money! Hurry up!”

He said to the robbers, “Three minutes. Pick up your speed.”

They were planning to ravage the carriage!

The young man sleeping above Ye Jian gritted his teeth and took out a hot water bottle filled with hot water. He shouted, “What are you all waiting for? Are you waiting for them to rob all your money?”

He opened his hot water bottle and pretended that he was going to splash it.

Once someone acted, the butterfly effect started. Some people who wanted to retaliate long ago reacted quickly. They took their hot water bottles out from under their beds. Some even grabbed their fruit knives.

Those people that hid some of their money decided to retaliate too.

The train was slowing down. Some robbers noticed this and shouted, “Boss, the train is slowing down but it’s not at the station yet!”

No one knew what was happening. Even the leader was clueless. Someone knocked on the glass of the carriage door and stuck a piece of paper on the glass.

The robber guarding the door was astounded. He ran to the back. “Boss, there is a situation. We need to run!”

The minute he finished speaking, the robber standing behind Ye Jian shouted anxiously, “Boss, let’s go! The train is going to stop soon!”

At this moment, the police from Yu An City were standing on both sides of the railway with guns in their hands. The moment the train stopped, they would rush to surround carriage no. 9.

All the passengers in the carriage knew that the police were here. They didn’t feel so frightened anymore.

Within a minute, the entire situation in the carriage changed. The robbers no longer had an advantage.

The leader of the robbers finally understood that he was fooled. He narrowed his eyes and said furiously, “Damn it. You played with me! You even called the police!”

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