Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 258 - Robbery On The Train (8)

Chapter 258: Robbery On The Train (8)

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If someone was willing to step up as the leader, things would get easier.

She was the first person to come out. Principal Chen would step out next followed by the young man. If this happened, these people that helped her would stand up too.

Also, she needed to catch the leader of the robbers. However, she needed to ensure everyone’s safety too.

Xia Jinyuan once told her that she must never give her opponent a chance to retaliate. The best way was to lure these people to the back so that they wouldn’t be able to catch anyone as their hostages.

Money was the bait. The more enticing the bait was, the higher the chance they would be lured.

Ye Jian opened the bag. There were a few thousand inside. “My uncle says that you can talk to him behind. He is willing to give more money.”

The first round of bait had been planted. It hooked the appetite of the robbers. Ye Jian wanted to know if the second bait was enough to hook the leader of the robbers, someone who had not made any movements yet.

Principal Chen stood up and coughed lightly. He opened his mouth and said calmly, “Let’s discuss over here. Don’t scare the other passengers. Even if you snatch the money of everyone in this carriage, it might not be as much as what I have here.”

“Who is the leader? Please come out. Money is not a problem but it is not good to hurt people. Girl, come back. Let the adults handle the rest of the matter.” He waved his hand and asked Ye Jian to go back to his side.

The leader of the robbers didn’t expect his robbery to go so smoothly. He moved his shoulders and smiled as he got up. He didn’t stop Ye Jian from going back.

The passengers that were sleeping in the same compartment thought about something and their expression changed instantly. They hid in a corner. They didn’t even want to go back to their beds.

The leader shrugged and smiled as he walked over. “Money given voluntarily is good money. But I have to see how much you’ve got first. Don’t try to satisfy me with just a few thousand dollars.”

Greed took control of him. The entire carriage was filled with his men so the leader laughed wildly.

“I have money but not much. I can give you 30,000RMB. If you’re afraid that I’ll pull a cheap shot, you can ask everyone to come over and leave two people to guard the door. What do you think?”

As compared to these robbers who only knew how to play with metal bars, Principal Chen’s aura was more domineering. He was someone who killed many enemies with his sniper rifles.

The leader’s expression changed. He snorted, “Why will I be afraid? This place is filled with my men. If you dare to play any tricks, I’ll play with her.” He pointed at Ye Jian. “What a beautiful child she is. It must be fun to play with her.”

Ye Jian’s emotions were triggered by his words. Killing intent appeared in her eyes. Play with her… someone seemed to have said the same thing before. What happened to that person?

She stabbed a pair of scissors forcefully into his heart!

She narrowed her eyes as she looked at the leader walking towards her. She secretly placed her left hand on her right wrist.

If he dared to touch her, she would kill him.

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