Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 257 - Robbery On The Train (7)

Chapter 257: Robbery On The Train (7)

Ye Zhifan turned serious.

He went to Liao Youde’s house a few days ago. As they were chatting about Ye Jian, Liao Youde’s son, Liao Jian, came and told them something.

Ye Ying asked him to play some tricks on Ye Jian in the city. However, they were found out. He saw Ye Jian climbing from the ground floor to the seventh floor without any help. She came down from the seventh floor in an instant after that.

He also mentioned that he once asked two hooligans to follow Ye Jian. Yet, the next day, the villagers found them tied to a tree. They were tied for an entire night.

Ye Jian’s relationship with the military unit was very good. Was it possible that… Ye Zhifan started to think of a possibility. His gaze turned even colder than just now when he had to hand over his money.

If this girl really learned some fighting skills in the military unit… It would be harder for Yingying to surpass her. Then… Yingying wouldn’t be able to marry into a wealthy family.

Ye Ying was so excited she clenched her fist. If she talked anymore, she would definitely get into trouble. She was waiting for these people to teach Ye Jian a lesson.

When Ye Jian held the woman up, she took a quick glance at Ye Zhifan.

The flashlight moved around the carriage. Ye Zhifan’s expression was sinister. Ye Jian smiled. She was right. Ye Zhifan had his eyes on her.

When she thought back about what happened in school, she felt that she went overboard. She should have concealed herself.

Ye Jian used a discussion tone and asked the robber, “If we give you the money, can you return this auntie her money?”

Ye Ying almost wanted to laugh. Did she think that she could settle this issue? Come on, Ye Jian, this discussion was… She was looking for death.

Was this how smart she is? She is just being rash!

The more you speak, the more mistakes you make. Ye Zhifan sneered when he heard what Ye Jian said. Ye Jian was smart but when compared to Yingying, she was still lacking. Yingying would not try to act brave in such a situation.

The robbers were stunned for a moment. This was their first time seeing someone so bold. After they regained their senses, they started laughing loudly. They threatened Ye Jian. “Young lady, are you trying to bargain with us? Hurry up and get out of here. If not, we will not show mercy.”

Everyone felt hopeful when someone stood up against the robbers. However, when they saw who it was, their hope diminished again.

Ye Jian held the woman up and found a place to sit for her. A man, who looked like a businessman, walked up from the middle of the carriage. “Don’t make things difficult for a student. You can take this money.”

A few people took out their money and placed them on a bed. They hoped that Ye Jian was able to return to her berth soon.

If there were evil people, there will be kind people too. Ye Jian’s gaze turned a little soft. At least these people were willing to speak up for her. She whispered in a voice only the woman could hear, “Auntie, everything will be fine. Don’t think too much.”

She will not be able to scare the robbers alone. She needed every one in this carriage to work together. That way, everything will be fine.

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