Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 256 - Robbery On The Train (6)

Chapter 256: Robbery On The Train (6)

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“Big brother, please spare me. This money is needed to save the life of my husband. Please show some mercy.” The person who was hit didn’t dare to retaliate. She could only kneel down and beg the robber pitifully.

The passengers in the carriage were silent. Besides the woman who was crying and the robbers who were shouting, no other sounds could be heard.

If these two sounds were muted, the carriage would be dead silent.

“Please, my husband is the sole breadwinner of the family. I took a lot of effort to find all this money. Please…” The woman kowtowed to the robbers.

But no matter how hard she knocked her head on the ground, her money was still taken away.

The robbers laughed. “Not bad, there’s 5000RMB. This is a big sum of money.” He finished counting the money and mocked the woman, “We don’t have money too. Your money is enough to save us. Saving ten lives is better than saving one life. You will have good fortune. Hahaha.”

The woman cried in despair. The robber laughed heartily. These two entirely different sounds made everyone frowned.

Everyone’s heart started trembling when they heard the hopeless cries of the woman. However, they couldn’t do anything. If they helped the lady, their lives might be in danger. Who would stand up for them at that time?

The woman saw that no one was willing to help her so she started pleading the person closest to her. “Please, everyone, help me. I really need the money to save my husband’s life.”

Did anyone reply to her? No!

No one stood up. Those that wanted to help her got pulled back by their companions. The robbers had weapons. If they used the weapons against them, they would be dead.

The doors were all locked too. They couldn’t run out and ask for help.

Ye Ying was so frightened. She only dared to glance at the robbers from the side. At this moment, a robber shone his torchlight in their direction. Her heart started pounding furiously. She saw the woman crawling towards them.

“Father, put your legs up. Put your legs up.” She was afraid that the woman would grab Ye Zhifan’s legs and asked them for help. Her face turned pale. “We can’t bother about her. We must not bother about her.”

The robbers wouldn’t give the woman a chance to ask for help. One of the robbers raised his metal bar and wanted to hit the woman.

Just as the metal bar was going to land on the woman, a tiny figure tripped and bumped into the robber.

“F**k, who on earth…”

The robber stumbled. He raised his metal bar and wanted to hit the person who bumped into him. Another robber who came with Ye Jian laughed. “Why are you hitting her? She is just a student. She got frightened and came to send us some money. What is this called? A wise man…”

“A wise man adapts himself to circumstances.” Ye Jian pretended that she was trying to remain calm. “We will give you this money. Can you return the money to the woman?”

Ye Ying was stunned when she saw Ye Jian.

After a while, she regained her senses and gave a sinister smile. Who does she think she is? Does she think that she is really invincible?

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