Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 267 - The Irritating Young Master From The Capital City

Chapter 267: The Irritating Young Master From The Capital City

When she was taking a photo with the other youths who got the ‘Outstanding Youth Award’, she glanced at the audience and saw a slightly familiar face. The person was looking at her with his amorous eyes. He winked and smiled at her.

Han Zheng…

Why is he here? Is Major Xia here too?

She started looking around the audience. However, the familiar face was not among the crowd. The photographer asked everyone to look at the camera and smiled. After a flash of light, their smiles were frozen on a picture.

Han Zheng put down his camera and hummed. This little girl dared to reject Major Xia’s date. How bold of her… Tsk tsk tsk, he admired this lady.

After this photograph was processed, should he send it to Major Xia who was in the mountains?

Will he be able to use the photo to exchange for some things?

“Stop thinking about all these useless things.” A dignified middle-aged man sitting beside Han Zheng reprimanded him. “I will ask people to send you away soon. Don’t keep following me.”

Han Zheng clicked his tongue and replied lazily, “Brigade Commander Han, if you agree to let me follow you, I will go away immediately and not appear in front of you for the next few years. If you don’t agree, I’m sorry. I will still have to follow you.”

“Commander Xia is more open-minded than you. He knew that soldiers must train more. Learn more from him. If your son has good prospects, your reputation will get better too.”

Brigade Commander Han was most worried about his one and only son. He didn’t know what other abilities he had but in terms of being irritating… No one can win against him.

He had followed him from the north to the south. He would be going to Fujun Town after this. Would this little brat be following him there too?

Who didn’t want their son to have good prospects? However, he needed to have the capabilities! Commander Xia’s son was raised by Grandpa Xia. He was outstanding in all areas. When he graduated from the military school last year, he participated in the all-rounded martial arts competition and was the champion of the entire Southern Province army.

With such abilities, Commander Xia will definitely feel at ease when he sends his son to the frontline.

“Father, are you looking down on me? Do you think that I’m worse than other people? Let me tell you, I’m a fine young man too. You were the one who threw me into the military school last time. I finally decided to be work hard now. Are you going to stop me and make me become a pile of trash? The transfer order has been passed down. How can you lock me up? Military orders cannot be disobeyed, Brigade Commander Han.”

Han Zheng knew what his father was worried about. He was worried that he would die at the frontline.

When the students on stage came down after the photo-taking session, Brigade Commander Han sighed and said, “Let me… reconsider it again.” After a while, he suddenly changed the topic, “Why did you keep taking photos of the female student? Do you know her?”

“Yes, she is a good child. Major Xia admires her.” Han Zheng lowered his head and looked at his camera. There were still 10 films left. He will take some individual shots of her later.

Ye Jian got down after taking the group photo and glanced at Han Zheng. She retracted her gaze after confirming that Xia Jinyuan was not there.

When she came down, there were still cameras flashing at them. No matter how bored Ye Jian and Wang Mo was, they maintained their smile till the end of the ceremony.

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