Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 26 - You Are to Blame, Even Innocent

Chapter 26: You Are to Blame, Even Innocent

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Ye Jian had never heard from these girls after graduating from junior high school. She was not intending to hurt them, just trying to intimidate them.

Ye Ying held up the dumbstruck He Jiamin from the floor and back onto her bed. As Ye Ying looked at Ye Jian, a hint of a subtle smile flashed in her eyes.

Just in time! I wonder how mom is doing.

“Ye Jian, let’s see when your arrogance will end!” Ye Ying sneered, with confidence and exaltation in her eyes.

Patting He Jiamin, who was in tears with her head down, Ye Ying said in a low voice, “We can let the villain have her moment for a while. Relax. Her miserable days will come very soon.”

She didn’t mind exposing a large amount of information to Ye Jian.

Since Ye Jian had chosen to return to school, she had already prepared for this. Besides, she had come up with an idea of how to deal with Ye Ying.

Why wasn’t Ye Ying afraid? Huh. Because her parents helped her.

Ye Jian glared at the cocky Ye Ying gloomily. A tint of ferociousness was vaguely visible in her black and cold pupils. She responded to Ye Ying with a subtle smile and said softly, “All right, let’s see who will win in the end.”

Ye Jian was also very certain about herself.

Seducing her teacher? This scandal was too severe to be directed only by Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying.

Facing Ye Jian’s smile and confidence, Ye Ying couldn’t help but feel panicked. Her eyelids jumped several times and her heart raced.

Ye Ying pursed her lips together and clenched her fists tightly.

Don’t panic! Don’t be afraid! Mom and Dad will help me! This wicked girl Ye Jian has nothing! How can she fight against me!

As long as Mrs. Ke confirms my alibi, I will be fine. As for that bastard Ye Jian, her reputation will be ruined. And she will live in my shadow forever!

At the thought of this prospect, Ye Ying rekindled her arrogant vibe and avoided Ye Jian’s eye contact with contempt. She lowered her head and gently comforted He Jiamin.

Tan Wei and Xie Sifeng dared not stay in the dormitory any longer. With the excuse of going back to the classroom to read books, they left the dorm hastily.

There were already over 20 students in the classroom. Dozens of boys had gathered around and were mumbling about something.

In the middle of the crowd sat a boy with acne on his nose tip. Holding a physics textbook in one hand, he said mysteriously in a loud voice, “Guess what I found today.”

The teenage boys were all intrigued by the love letters that students wrote to their teachers. Staring at the boy who was tantalizing them, they said with excitement, “Damn it! No need to guess. Of course, it’s a love letter.”

“Come on, show us. The love letter to our teacher written by the Merit Student Ye Ying. She is so good at writing, she must have written numerous admirable sentences. Come on, read them out loud, so we can learn from her.”

The audience roared with laughter as the boy cleared his throat and read every word in the love letter. Subsequently, every student in the classroom found out that the Merit Student Ye Ying had written a love letter to their teacher.

“Wow. What a cheesy love letter. ‘If you are the blue sky, then I am a white cloud; if you are the ranges of mountains, then I am a tree.’”

“Were they truly written by Ye Ying? They sound like quotes from the Bosom Friend magazine.”

“Damn it, boy. How dare you read the Bosom Friend ?! Be careful not to get caught and criticized!”

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