Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 25 - I Dare You!

Chapter 25: I Dare You!

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He Jiamin was not aware of the inside story between Ye Jian and Ye Ying, so she couldn’t figure out the implication behind Ye Jian’s words.

Raising her good-looking eyebrows, she giggled with contempt in her eyes. “Turns out you know yourself quite well. How shameless.”

She turned around and smiled to the gloomy Ye Ying. “Ye Ying, she’s more pleasing to the eye after going back to her home.”

Indeed, she was. She had learned to admit that she was inferior to Ye Ying.

Oh, and she had tied up her hair that was previously hanging loosely over her shoulders. He Jiamin observed Ye Jian, and she found that something was not right.

Staring at Ye Jian, she raised her voice suddenly, “Put down your hair. Now!”

Her scream attracted the attention of two girls that were talking merrily with Ye Ying. At first, they didn’t notice anything. But gradually, their facial expressions changed.

The person in front of them was Ye Jian. But she looked different.

In the old days, Ye Jian was indeed a good-looking girl, but she liked keeping her head low, with her long hair hanging loosely over her shoulders. She was like a puppet that had no thoughts of her own but only listened obediently to anyone’s words. No wonder people looked down on her.

As Ye Ying put it, Ye Jian was her pet who dared not defy her orders.

But now, Ye Jian had become rather eye-catching. She had tied up her hair. Her eyes looked clear and calm. She was standing there confidently with a gentle smile on her face. Even when she was in silence, she looked brilliant like a blooming flower.

This was not the Ye Jian that they knew! She seemed like a completely different person!

These several girls pursed their lips slowly. They hated her change! Hated it very much!

“Ye Jian, arrange our beds.” pointing at her bed, He Jiamin yelled abruptly. “Hurry up! I want to sleep!”

Hearing this, the other two girls looked at Ye Jian nonchalantly with maliciousness flickering in their eyes. No matter how pretty Ye Jian was, she would be mistreated throughout her life.

A tinge of chill started to gather in Ye Jian’s calm eyes. Raising her eyebrows, she said coolly, “If you admit you are disabled, I might help you out of kindness.”

“You!!” He Jiamin was so furious that her face blushed. Without thinking, she raised her hand and waved it toward Ye Jian’s face.

Raising her hand, Ye Jian grabbed He Jiamin’s wrist violently. She stared at He Jiamin with her frosty eyes and said slowly, stressing every word, “TRYING TO BULLY ME LIKE BEFORE? I DARE YOU, HE JIAMIN.”

As Ye Jian pushed forward, He Jiamin, who was caught off guard, was knocked down onto the floor.

Ye Ying and the other two girls screamed out of fear.

Ye Ying was the first one who stood up. She shouted at Ye Jian angrily, “Ye Jian, why did you assault her?!”

Assault? What a huge crime!

“Assault? Ye Ying, you are wrong, that was my self-defense out of emergency.” Ye Jian gave a gentle but cold smile. After glancing at Ye Ying, who had turned into the advocate of justice, Ye Jian turned around and arranged her own bed.

Embarrassed, He Jiamin was unable to stomach such an insult. She crawled up from the floor and pounced on Ye Jian, “Ye Jian, how dare you hit me?! How dare you!”

A delicate girl was trying to fight against Ye Jian who once worked at a security company. The result was obvious. Ye Jian gave He Jiamin a suplex, and she was thrown onto the floor again.

“I told you not to piss me off,” Ye Jian clapped her hands and glanced at He Jiamin whose face had turned pale. She raised her eyes and stared at the other two girls, who were so frightened that their shoulders were trembling. “Tan Wei, Xie Sifeng, if you try to get smart with me, I don’t mind playing with you.”

“Recently, I happen to like resorting to violence to solve problems. And I also like playing with knives. Don’t blame me for not warning you ahead of time if I accidentally injure your faces.”

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