Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 24 - Embarrassing Me?

Chapter 24: Embarrassing Me?

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“All right, I know this is hard for you. How about this? Ask Ye Jian to pick up the phone, let me talk to her.” said Ye Zhifan with a straight face. Subduing his anger, he cursed Ye Jian in his heart. Fu*king bit*h! I will not spare her if she gets in my way of gaining wealth and power!

Ye Jian’s heart twitched when she received Ye Zhifan’s call.

In her past life, it was impossible for her to discontinue her studies out of no reason. Her uncle, the deputy town mayor, was the reason she became a dropout.

“Hello?” she said in a clear and soft voice. And then, she heard Ye Zhifan’s voice from the other side.

A few years ago, her uncle’s voice was bureaucratic and arrogant. Who would have thought that he was playing the family card right now?

“Uncle, the moment you spoke, you told me to stop being unreasonable. Please allow me to defend myself. My aunt accused me of something I never did, and she threw me out of her house. The whole village saw that happen. Am I the person who is unreasonable? Uncle, I dare not go back to your home now that you can’t tell right from wrong.”

“I’m sorry, uncle, Aunt Qiu is waiting for me to have dinner. I’ll hang up now. Bye.”

Never would she step back into that house where she did not belong to! She was reluctant to stay anywhere near it!

That night, Ye Jian stayed in Aunt Qiu’s house, sleeping in the same room with Wen Li, Aunt Qiu’s daughter, who was also her classmate. She did not return to her home right away.

Since Grandpa Gen had ordered Ye Zhifan to personally send her home, Ye Jian would wait for that.

On Sunday afternoon, Ye Jian returned to school with Wen Li. Although they were classmates, they were not in the same dormitory, they parted ways after entering school.

Carrying her luggage, Ye Jian walked to her dormitory on her own. Even though she left her junior high school campus over a decade ago, she still remembered where the teaching building and her dormitory were.

“Yingying, you are too excellent! Number one again! And your cousin is still in the last place.”

Before entering her dormitory, Ye Jian heard the playful voices from girls. She squinted her eyes and contemplated for a while, and then she remembered to whom this voice belonged.

The moment Ye Jian pushed open the door to the dormitory, the noises stopped abruptly, as if she was a pause button. Everyone looked at her.

“Oops. Isn’t this Ye Jian?” A girl in a red coat eyed Ye Jian with contempt and burst into piercing laughter. “The forever last place in class. You are famous in school now. You and Ye Ying come from the same family, how is it that you are poles apart?”

Provocation from a little girl. Putting her luggage onto the upper berth of the bunk bed against the door, Ye Jian turned around and looked at He Jiamin with a faint smile on her face, “Right, I wonder the same thing as you.”

Ye Jian’s bright eyes were looking at He Jiamin when she answered her. As for the connotation in her words, the related person in that question would naturally figure it out.

There were two other girls in the dormitory who were also on Ye Ying’s side.

This was just the way it worked. Students with great academic records were usually popular in school. And only students who constantly ranked next to the last place would be friends with Ye Jian, who was always in the last place.

Coincidentally, the girl, whose scores were the second worst, also lived in Ye Jian’s dormitory. But she was not in the dorm right now.

Before Ye Jian entered the dorm, Ye Ying was smiling humbly as her classmates admired her. When she heard what Ye Jian said, her tiny face as large as a palm turned pale suddenly. Moments ago, her eyes were glowing with satisfaction. But now, they had dimmed a bit.

Of course, Ye Ying had understood the implication behind Ye Jian’s words.

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