Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 27 - Scheming Against Each Other

Chapter 27: Scheming Against Each Other

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Flabbergasted, Tan Wei and Xie Sifeng heard every word of the love letter while standing at the door to the classroom.

“Zhang Bin! This is nonsense!” Xie Sifeng came to herself from shock and rushed into the classroom. She yelled at the boy reading the love letter while standing on the study desk. “Shut up! No way would Ye Ying have written this… to our teacher!”

The girl was so shy that she couldn’t even include “love letter” in her speech.

“No mistake! Everyone can recognize Ye Ying’s handwriting!” Zhang Bin jumped down from the desk. With a height of over 170 centimeters, he was the tallest boy in the class. Standing in front of a girl who was merely over 150 centimeters tall, he looked intimidating. “Why would I blame her if she’s innocent? This is her handwriting. The boys can testify!”

The boys laughed even louder. “Ha-ha! Xie Sifeng, as our class leader’s sidekick, you definitely know that this is her letter. Ha-ha! Come, tell us, how many love letters has our class leader written to our teacher?”

“Nonsense! Shut up! How would I know? I know nothing!” Xie Sifeng panicked because she was involved in this mess. Just as she was about to defend herself, Tan Wei grabbed her by her arm.

“Don’t quarrel with them. We’d better hurry back to the dorm and tell Ye Ying about this!” Tan Wei’s face was pale. She didn’t say a word of defense. Clearly, she was aware of something.

The two of them rushed back to the dormitory, but it was already empty. After asking their neighbors, they learned that Ye Jian had been called to the school office, while Ye Ying had accompanied He Jiamin to visit the Public Health Center in the town.

In the principal’s office, as the head teacher of Class Two Grade Eight, Mrs. Ke said with indignation, “Principal, we can’t have this troublemaker in our school any longer! So young, so shameless. If you let her stay in school, she’s going to be a bad influence on my whole class!”

“Deputy town mayor, I know you want her to stay in our school. But I’m sorry, I, Ke Yu, will not have this teacher-seducing girl as my student.”

There was the school principal, Mrs.Ke, Ye Zhifan, Sun Dongqing, and of course, Ye Jian, in the office.

After walking into the office, Ye Jian had been extraordinarily calm and standing upright like a pine. Facing her head teacher’s accusation, she showed no signs of fluster on her face.

Mrs. Ke’s words were just what Sun Dongqing would like to hear. Echoing with Mrs. Ke, she criticized Ye Jian, “Are you going to stand here and do nothing? Apologize to your headmaster quickly! How can you do this? You should be studying hard at your age instead of trying to find a boyfriend! Your uncle and I are so disappointed with you!”

She was forcing Ye Jian to admit to seducing her teacher.

“Principal Chen, my niece has lost her parents since she was young, so no one has disciplined her. How about this? Mrs. Ke, I will transfer her away from your class. But Principal Chen, please don’t kick her out of your school. She is still young. Besides, the country requires children to receive nine years of compulsory education.”

Ye Zhifan continued, “Principal Chen, for my niece’s sake, I beg of you to let her finish her junior high studies here, despite her huge mistake. I promise you that I will educate her well at home so that she won’t cause any trouble to the school in the next three years.”

The deputy town mayor was way better than his wife when it came to mastering the art of talking. But their goal was the same—to pin the sin of seducing teacher onto Ye Jian’s head.

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