Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2597

2597 Live, Wear Military Uniforms, Die, Be Covered By The Flag

According to the original plan, they would leave by helicopter. However… the martyr’s body was stiff, and the weather was not suitable for them to take a helicopter… The body needed to be cremated and sent back to their country.

Lin Feng had not thought of this before. Hearing that, he said in a low voice, “Okay, leave this to me. You can rest! It’s chaotic outside now. Even Spat has already left Mogadishu. Your group is too big a target now. It’s not suitable for you to appear again. Leave this matter to me. I promise to complete it tonight!”

“You can’t go alone. We’ll send four people to accompany you.” Xia Jinyuan quickly untied the special knot on K7’s body and carefully placed the body of the martyr on the ground with G3.

Because of Ye Jian’s arrival, the martyr had a faint smile on his face before he passed away. It was still the same now.


“Take off your helmets!”

As Xia Jinyuan’s deep voice was heard, the special forces soldier standing in the dark took off their helmets and said majestically, “Salute!”


Several neat and sharp voices cut through the night wind. A total of eight people, including Lin Feng, saluted the martyr.

This was the first time they saluted the body of a martyr. There was no sorrow on their faces, but the night breeze was full of it.

The martyr would be sent home!

Soon, they would all be able to return to their country!

Unfortunately, they could not bring his body home in one piece.

They were sorry to have to cremate him.

This was the regret of the special forces soldiers from the Xueyu unit. They really wanted to bring the body of the martyr back to their country, but they had no choice… The biggest reason was that the weather didn’t allow it.

At 11 pm on the 6th of May, a passenger plane that had just returned from a certain country landed safely. The flight attendant’s sweet voice sounded. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Please fasten your seatbelt and wait patiently for five minutes. Thank you for your cooperation.”

The passengers who had already gotten up and were preparing to get off the plane returned to their seats and waited to get off the plane.

Outside the plane, besides a luggage truck parked, there were three jeeps with military license plates and a minibus waiting for them.

The cabin door opened, and seven figures came out first. Xia Jinyuan was at the front. He walked down the stairs slowly but firmly.

He was holding a square box in his hand. The box was covered with a red flag that was folded into a square. The biggest five-pointed star of the red flag was on top of the box, surrounded by small golden stars.

This was the national flag. It was the flag that brought the martyr back to his country.

Under the sharp swords in the sky, he used his body to turn into a shield that protected the country. He used his blood, flesh, and bones to forge a bullet. He used the last bit of his life to complete the responsibility given to him while wearing this military uniform.

Live, wear a military uniform, die, and be covered by the national flag!

The leaders of a certain base in the northwest were welcoming the martyr back to his country. His comrades, his squad leader, platoon leader, and company commander had also arrived.

As the cabin door opened, everyone lined up neatly and saluted the figure who walked down.

They saluted to their comrade who had already been sacrificed and to the soldiers who had fought to bring their comrade back!

The box containing the ashes of the martyr was handed to the squad leader. Xia Jinyuan’s eyes were red as he looked at the squad leader who had cried until his eyes were bloodshot. He wiped his tears and said softly, “I’m sorry that I didn’t bring him back in one piece.”

He couldn’t bring the martyr’s body back to the country in one piece. He couldn’t let the martyr’s comrades, friends, and family take one last look at him. He was really, really sorry.

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