Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2598

2598 Loyal Bones Are Buried Everywhere On The Green Hills

The squad leader saluted the soldier who still smelled like gunpowder. Then, he slowly stretched out his hands and completed the handover of the martyr’s ashes.

His voice choked up as he said, “No, you’re already very impressive! Our countrymen know that… you’re really impressive. Thank you, thank you.”

‘Thank you for bringing the ashes of our comrade back. It doesn’t matter even if we can’t see him for the last time. Our comrade and brother’s soul has already returned to his country. He can rest in peace in his hometown. This is already very good. It’s very good!’

Then, the squad leader came over with a solemn and hoarse voice. “Salute!”


This salute was to thank the soldiers who came back after bloodshed. They thanked them for using their lives and bodies to save their comrade despite the dangers.

Xia Jinyuan brought his comrades to salute the sacrificed guard.

Even in times of peace, there were still wars. Many people couldn’t see the darkness and evil in those places. In order to stop the spread of this darkness and evil, there would always be people sacrificing their lives to stop it. Many people didn’t know this…

Loyal bones are buried everywhere in the green hills… Deep underground, there were bones and souls of loyal people. They used their fresh blood to dye this piece of land red.

Chief Engineer Fu strode into the military headquarters. He had already learned that the martyr had returned to the country tonight. When he received the news, he sat at home and waited. As he heard the clock tick, Chief Engineer Fu couldn’t sit still anymore.

He spoke a few words to the old man who was preparing to sleep and immediately went to the military headquarters.

At 11.05 pm, Chief Engineer Fu arrived at the military unit. He was wearing a military uniform. As the main project officer, he was a major general. His gold star rank was enough to make the guards salute him.

“I’m looking for Commander Xia.” After entering the building, Chief Engineer Fu said to the guard directly, “I wonder if Commander Xia is here.”

Commander Xia was there. He and Major General Yang were waiting for the special forces soldiers from the Xueyu unit in the conference room.

When he heard the guard reporting that Chief Engineer Fu from a certain base was looking for him, Commander Xia, who was talking to the major general in a low voice, stood up. “Where is he? Bring me there.”

His future in-law was here!

He needed to welcome him personally.

Ever since Xia Jinyuan mentioned to the commander-in-chief that Ye Jian was Old Master Fu’s granddaughter, the commander-in-chief got to know the Fu family better. When the guard said that Chief Engineer Fu from a certain military base was looking for him, he immediately knew that his future in-law was here!

Old Master Fu more or less knew about his son’s relationship with Little Ye. He just didn’t know if Chief Engineer Fu knew about it.

If he knew, he wondered what kind of attitude he would have.

If he didn’t know, he would have to ask his son to perform well.

The commander-in-chief took the elevator down and thought about his personal matters. When he came out, his expression was solemn and dignified.

“Hello, Commander Xia. Sorry to disturb you.” Mr. Fu had already met Commander Xia before. After seeing him clearly, the young face he saw yesterday flashed past his mind. It seemed like his daughter’s captain was indeed Commander Xia’s son. They had similar expressions, but their facial features… His daughter’s captain was more handsome and elegant.

Commander Xia shook hands with his future in-law and smiled. “No, no. I wonder… why you’re looking for me. If it’s because of…” He paused for a moment and said apologetically, “If it’s because you’re here to see someone, Engineer Fu, I’m really sorry as you can’t see her for the time being.”

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